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Natasha Richardson has died

Natasha RIchardsonThe shocking death of actress Natasha Richardson after what appeared to be a minor head injury from a skiing accident has raised a lot of questions.  After refusing medical treatment twice, she flown first to a hospital in Montreal and then to a hospital in New York where she died of a blood clot compressing her brain.

There is a big debate among astrologers as to whether we can predict death using astrology, and if we can, whether we should.  We can look at Natasha Richardson’s chart and her transits and progressions and see where a critical event would occur, but I doubt an astrologer would have taken any of these events to signify her death prior to the event.

At the time of Ms. Richardson’s accident, transiting Mars was exactly opposite Uranus in her chart, a common significator of accidents as the impatience of Mars bumps up against the rebellious disdain for rules of Uranus.  Her progressed Midheaven, representing her evolving destiny and purpose, was exactly conjunct Uranus at the same time, showing that this was a time of great importance in her life.  It would have been clear looking at this confluence of events that something very significant would occur in her life.

Another eerie coincidence was the return of Ms. Richardson’s progressed Saturn, which had turned retrograde back in 1985, was exactly conjunct her natal Saturn at the time of her death.  This “progressed Saturn return” is another significator for an event of importance but would not necessarily have alerted an astrologer to her death; it could just as easily have signified a period of great career success.

I usually look for Jupiter transits at the time of death, and there are some harmonious Jupiter transits at work […]

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“If you could predict death, would you?”

Most professionals agree that predicting death in the chart of a client or a client’s loved one is unethical. Last weekend I watched a movie I had rented called First Snow, a thriller which I really enjoyed in which a sharkish salesman goes for a psychic reading in which the psychic makes some predictions about his business and then has a vision which disturbs him greatly and causes him to terminate the session. The salesman doesn’t believe in any of it, but then the business predictions come true. He also has a health scare, and goes back to the psychic demanding to know what he saw. The psychic tells him to put his affairs in order, that he will be safe only until the first snow. Suddenly a believer but having learned anything about the metaphysical order of life, the salesman is taken over by anxiety and fears. He goes back to the psychic with a gun and says, “You never should have told me!!”

Recently I heard a story from a client about a Tarot reading that she gave to a friend in which the Death card came up in answer to a question about the health of her husband. The Death card in Tarot rarely means death, and of course when we see the Death card we want to assure the client that Death is not the meaning. In this case, however, the husband died and the reader was upset that she had not provided her client with the guidance that she needed.

Some schools of thought believe that the moment of death is predetermined; I am not among those that hold this belief. In my view we make choices every moment […]

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