Weekend update April 10th: The death of Prince Philip and the Aries New Moon

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Prince Philip, consort of Queen Elizabeth for 73 years, died on Friday at a time of great upheaval in the monarchy. I have big plans for a series on the House of Windsor inspired by the Crown television show which I’m sure was not nearly as fascinating as the reality itself.  We don’t have a reliable birth time for the Duke since he was born on a kitchen table in Corfu – his father made a note of 10 am, but the nanny apparently said the sun was setting (astro.com source notes). I do like the time of 10 am, because that means that Uranus, planet of sudden change, crossed his Midheaven at the time of his death which is an appropriate symbol for the Great Transition.

This is an important time for the Queen as well.  Transiting Saturn (hardship) opposes her natal Moon, and transiting Pluto (transformation) conjoins her progressed Moon.  At her birthday coming up in two weeks, the Solar Return Ascendant aligns exactly with the South Node of the past in her natal chart and the Solar Return Midheaven (life path) conjoins her natal Saturn (purpose).  Has she completed her life’s work?  It’s not unusual for partners who have been married as long as she has (73 years!!) to die soon after the death of a spouse, and the world is rapidly changing.  The abdication of Prince Harry from the pressures of life in the royal family has exposed fissures which were previously only rumored, and it will be difficult to put things back together again.

There are many astrological charts that are used for England because England is part of a United Kingdom.  In 1603, Ireland and Scotland were brought together in an attempt to form the first version of […]

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