Sagittarius Full Moon

Memorial Day planetary news: Full Moon, and a week for connections

Astrological update for the week of May 29-June 5, 2023

art by Anky Moore

This week’s forecast will be shorter than usual because of the holiday and also because I was up too late watching Succession and then reading all of the Twitter wrap-up comments. 😃

Venus. The planetary energies are fairly quiet, but it’s an important week for Venus. Venus begins the week in harmonic bliss with Ceres and Neptune, facilitating healing and inspiration on an individual level but also easing the path to improved interpersonal connections. Venus is associated with relationships of all kinds, but also qualities of attraction and wealth that is both material and psychological, and when Venus is happy everyone is happy. Venus starts the week in Cancer where those family bonds take on greater importance, and that includes the tribe that we create for ourselves. The Moon enters Libra on Monday, and since Venus rules Libra and therefore the Moon, Monday and Tuesday are also highlighted by the gifts of Venus.

The Moon enters Scorpio on Wednesday 7:45 pm EDT and challenges Pluto, and things could get a little dicey then. The sweetness of Libra and Venus transmute into passion and intensity under Scorpio, so watch for some claws to come out of the soft paws in the velvet gloves of Venus.

Full Moon. Any stressors will fade when the Moon enters Sagittarius Thursday just after midnight EDT and the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon begins. Under the Sagittarius Full Moon anything is possible – our heart is open and able to be filled with dreams and hopes. This Full Moon chart includes a harmonious exact trine from Pallas to the Moon signifying the role of higher intelligence (Pallas) in […]

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Astrological news this week: SuperMoon in Sagittarius! And Mercury in Gemini

art by Betty Albert

Astrological update for the week of June 13-20, 2022

There is a lot going on here, and the bigger influences tend to outshine the lunar aspects so we will put those on hold this week. 

Sagittarius SuperMoon. This week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 14, 11:51 am EDT) is a SuperMoon (™ astrologer Richard Nolle), meaning it is closer to Earth than at other times. When planetary bodies are closer to Earth their influence is stronger, which is why Mercury retrograde periods are so critical for communication – that is the time when Mercury is closest to Earth.

Every Full Moon tends to amplify our feelings and emotional triggers, and the SuperMoon simply intensifies that tendency which is already at work. However, this Full Moon is in Sagittarius, with the Sun in Gemini – the two signs of knowledge and wisdom. There is a dearth of the water element in the sky right now, and water is the element through which we process feelings, intuition and emotion. This Full Moon encourages us to be curious (Gemini Sun) and seek a higher path to real knowledge (Sagittarius).  Under the Sagittarius Full Moon we know that growth and evolution is the goal, and that confidence is all we need to get there.

This Full Moon chart engages some powerful allies and teachers. Both the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon have a tendency to be ungrounded and can lack focus, but Saturn lends its grounding realism to the mix to aid in forging practical plans to achieve the sense of growth and peak experience that Sagittarius craves. That will be a big help since Neptune squares the lunation, however, tempting us into fantastic […]

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5.25.21 – How to prepare for tomorrow’s Sagittarius Supermoon lunar eclipse

photo by Benjamin Tatrow

A lunar eclipse is a significant event, and when it is a total eclipse AND a SuperMoon (meaning closest to Earth) it has the potential to be quite powerful.  A lunar eclipse involves a conjunction of the Sun and Moon to the lunar nodes, the points that take us from the past to the future, so there is always a sense of something fated – a meeting perhaps, or even just an awakening of something within us which we have not previously recognized or which can help us to re-imagine situations in our life that may be difficult.

The astrology of the May 26 2021 lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 occurs at the Sagittarius Full Moon – the expansiveness and desire to reach new heights of meaning and understanding dominate the energies of the eclipse.  Not only is Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, tightly aspecting both the Sun and Moon to bring out a peak experience of some kinds, but the fact that the event is a SuperMoon as well – the Moon is at its closest point to Earth (perigee) and appears gigantic and red.  This is such a powerful metaphor to help us to wake up to the call of the soul, which is really the domain of the Moon.

The astrological chart for this eclipse also contains the square from Saturn (structure and social order) to Uranus (radical change and rebellion) which is the story of 2021 so the expansive potential of the eclipse could drive a burst of revolutionary behavior and activity.  Mars, planet of war and action, is in Cancer right now where it can be cranky and emotionally sensitive (not a happy place […]

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This week’s Sagittarius lunar eclipse is a potent mix of energies

photo by Didier-Schreinder

The first eclipse of the summer occurs on June 5th – a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.  The fear surrounding eclipses has largely abated over time – because an eclipse occurs near the lunar nodes, the points which are associated with fate and destiny, there is a sense with an eclipse that something important is about to happen.  In today’s modern world we have more choices, and are more easily able to create our own destiny rather than fear it.  But there is no doubt that an eclipse is a portal for an awakening of some kind to occur.

Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon, when the instincts and emotions prevail over the conscious mind.  In this week’s eclipse, the South Node of the past conjoins the Moon.  In many ways the South Node and the Moon are related – both are tied to events which are familiar and comfortable, and when the Moon is eclipsed our comfort zone begins to shrink as we are pushed by fate into a more solar position of conscious awareness and choice.

Eclipses have long been associated with weather and seismic events, and a lunar eclipse can bring on emotional events of seismic proportions.  Many of us (myself included) meander through our days without being very conscious of how we feel or what is going on in the subconscious.  An eclipse can open up a crack in this veneer of day to day sleepwalking and wake us up to an important realization.  They can be portals of change, but they can also unlock the creatures of the night from their place of hiding and force a realization which may be unpleasant, but which ultimately is important […]

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Planetary news this week! Sagittarius New Moon, Venus in Capricorn and Neptune Direct

Deviant Art

The Sagittarius New Moon occurs on November 26th marking the beginning of Sagittarius season.  Sagittarius times tend to be more lighthearted and hopeful than periods dominated by, say, Scorpio, which we have been going through over the past few weeks.  Two planets still linger in Scorpio, but the New Moon in Sagittarius offers an illumination into the ideal of hope and a belief that we can indeed find meaning in our lives that brings a sense of peace and fulfillment.

This New Moon is harmonized by a trine from Chiron, which helps to soften the rough edges and facilitate the healing of any old wounds that linger in the psyche.  However, an awkward inconjunct* from the New Moon to Uranus suggests that there is a pressure to break away from old patterns and begin something new, although we may not yet be aware of what that ought to be.  Often the 30 degree and 150 degree angles plant seeds of irritation and restlessness that are fulfilled when a stronger planetary cycle comes along.

The energies of the New Moon begin a few days away from the actual alignment, so we are in the shadow already of this New Moon.  This is the perfect time to seek an adventure, either in the mind or an actual adventure in the physical world.  Under the influence of the Sagittarius New Moon we are encouraged to open up to ever greater possibilities and never to settle for a limited or safe alternative.

Venus enters Capricorn on November 25th, and for a few weeks our relationships with others taken on a more sober flavor.  After a few weeks in Sagittarius, Venus is now focused more on Doing the Right