Sagittarius New Moon

Planetary news this week: Sagittarius New Moon and Jupiter rules the sky

Astrological update for the week of November 21-28, 2022

art by Jennifer Henriksen

Sagittarius season. Having made it through Scorpio season, the time of Samhain and Hallowe’en when the veil between the worlds is thin and we move into the dark time (here in the northern hemisphere), Sagittarius season comes along to bring a lighter viewpoint as we head into the holiday celebrations. Venus (love) and Mercury (mind) have already made the shift into Sagittarius, and this week the Sun joins the party, followed swiftly by the Moon the next day.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, a sign of action and initiation, and under Jupiter’s rulership it bestows an innate sense of good fortune and a sunny optimism. We learned as children reading “The Little Engine that Could” that if you think you can do something or be something, you CAN do and be those things. These are Sagittarius lessons. Sagittarius tends to bring out the social aspects of the most reclusive of us, and that’s why it’s the perfect sign for these times.

Every aspect of astrology has a light side and a dark side, even Sagittarius. Under the influence of Sagittarius, whether in the natal chart or under a Sagittarius planetary cycle, we can be blind to anything which restricts our freedom to explore and pursue our overoptimistic agendas, and this can sometimes result in negative consequences so moderation is a good quality to keep at hand under these strong Sagittarius influences.

Sagittarius New Moon. The New Moon on the 23rd at 5:57 pm EST is a bounty of expansive energies, with four planetary bodies in Sagittarius and really nothing to stand in the way of our hopes and dreams becoming reality. The New Moon marks […]

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The meaning of the December 14, 2020 solar eclipse

Syzygy by Holly Campbell

I think it’s safe to say that eclipses are one of the many things on which astrologers disagree.  Do they cause major events?  How long do the effects last – three months? Six months? One week?  Two-three weeks?  Astrology is not a fixed science – rather like meteorology, it’s difficult to make precise predictions because the world is always changing. A planetary transit will affect one person one way at one time, and completely different another time (if you are over 60 you can see this in your own life by looking at your first Saturn Return age 28-30, and your second one age 56-60).

In any event, we have a solar eclipse on December 14th, the second in a pair (the first, a lunar eclipse, occurred November 30th).  A lunation becomes an eclipse when the Sun and Moon are in tight aspect to the lunar nodes (the points in the sky where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun).  This is what gives an eclipse the quality of a fated experience – the lunar nodes represent our journey from past to future.  In both of these eclipses the Sun conjoins the South Node, suggesting that the path to letting go of past experiences which hold us back is illuminated now, but in the solar eclipse the Sun is darkened by the shadow of the Moon.

The Sun represents our conscious intention and the Moon represents our instincts – the way we operate on a more internal level when nobody’s looking. In the solar eclipse these conscious intentions are eclipsed by the shadow of the Moon and therefore able to emerge in a way that they might […]

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Astrological update for the week of December 6th including a preview of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This week’s eclipse at the Sagittarius New Moon is second in a pair of eclipses which began on November 30th with the lunar eclipse.  I’ll be posting more about that separately, but the energies start building this week!  We also have Chiron stationing direct this week, and lots more so dive in.  (I know, it’s a very silly photo!!)

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Transcript (transcribed by software genies and roughly edited for readability. Please excuse errors!)

Hi everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back. And in today’s video we’ll be talking about the astrology for the week from December 7 until the 14th. The big news this week is the solar eclipse that happens on December 14, this is 2020. Still, the solar eclipse is coming on the heels of a lunar eclipse on November 30. These eclipse seasons bring us a pair of eclipses a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. In this pair of eclipses we had the lunar eclipse which was conjunct the North Node of the Moon. The nodes of the Moon, as you may recall, are the points in the sky where the path of the Moon cross the path of the sun, the ascending node is called the North Node, the descending node on the downward path is called the South Node. These points are known to be points of fate, the South Node has to do with where we come from what’s familiar, the South Node also talks […]

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Sagittarius New Moon December 7th: Begin a new adventure!

Sagittarius New MoonThis New Moon in Sagittarius brings with it an opportunity to begin a new adventure.  The New Moon is a fresh new start – the heart (Moon) unites with the conscious intent (Sun) to forge a new direction, and in Sagittarius the sky is the limit.  Sagittarius governs travel, whether travel of the mind and the heart, or of the body through space and time.  This is a time to expand and seek a new experience that opens up our hearts and souls to greater magic and wonder than we ever dreamed possible.

Sagittarius periods feel lucky, and this one is no exception with Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, tightly aligned with the New Moon, amplifying even more the potential for greater awareness and opportunities.  However, all is not perfectly rosy at this New Moon.  Mars, the planet of aggression and desire, is in the spiritual yet potentially confusing sign of Pisces which can be somewhat challenging to begin with, and it aligns with Neptune as well which is a doubling of the desire for transcendence and perhaps even escapism which can cause confusion.  The combination of Pisces’s yearning to transcend this mundane reality with the Sagittarius pull towards greener pastures can create problems if we fail to keep our feet on the ground.

Geeky astrological detail:  While Pisces and Sagittarius form a natural square and are therefore in conflict with each other, they are also linked by Jupiter which rules both signs.  Using Jupiter as the figurative North Star to guide us is the key to maximizing the potential of the New Moon. 

However, this Pisces/Sagittarius influence is not necessarily negative – if it is channeled into creativity or if we absorb ourselves in experiences of […]

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