Saturn conjunct Neptune

Astrology in my world: Saturn Neptune and the limits of intuition

Saturn and Neptune are both important factors in my chart.  Wrapping around my Sun, they cloak me in a confusing vise between Saturn’s pressure for structured discipline, goals and achievement and Neptune’s siren call to let go of the material world and merge with the Divine. Saturn is a personal planet and represents the voice in our head which is always driving us to improve and be better.  Neptune is a transpersonal planet, acting as a divine force to inspire us to ascend into a higher expression of our lives and attain samadhi, or a state of bliss that transcends the earthly plane.  Saturn and Neptune are not natural allies, although if we can learn to integrate these energies rather than live out the conflict, our lives become easier and not as fraught with tension. Some of the conflicts inherent in difficult Saturn/Neptune aspects (conjunctions, squares and oppositions) include judgment/compassion, material world/spiritual world, success/failure, perfectionism/creativity.

There are many stories that I could tell about my own Saturn/Neptune situation, but the one that is most interesting to me at the moment is the stress caused by my current attempt to study music theory and how that ties into my astrological practice.

With the Sun conjunct Neptune, my chart does show some musical talent and in fact I have played a variety of instruments over the years.  However, my Gemini ascendant has made it difficult to choose one, so my instrument count at the moment is up to seven.  Compounding that is my limited attention span and my love for shiny new objects (thanks a lot Gemini!), as well as guilt (Saturn/Sun) over not practicing enough.  You can see how this would […]

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Astrology in my world: The creativity of Saturn and Neptune

I found Diane’s recent post on Saturn and Neptune interesting because I have these two planets conjunct in my chart, straddling my Sun. Diane’s post is entitled “Productive creativity” and she writes, “It takes these two very different planets working together to make the intangible tangible – pragmatic Saturn is the best at harnessing Neptune’s dreams and visions and producing marvelous works of art, music and dance.”  Saturn is the left brain, with its focus on logic and discipline and hard work; Neptune is the right brain – artistic, flowing, spontaneous.

She goes on to say:

Having Saturn in aspect to Neptune natally does help. Some of the hardest working, productive artistic types I know have a Saturn-Neptune conjunction usually in aspect to a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). These are the folks whose lives revolve around their particular form of artistic expression. They seem to draw inspiration from the very air they breathe and use it to start working on their next creative project/piece . . . amazing.

It’s interesting to hear this description because from the inside, what this feels like (for me at least) is an intense drive (from Saturn) to keep pushing out the creative product (Neptune) into a form that will have some sort of use in the world (Saturn once again).  And when the Sun is involved as it is in my chart, this process is essential to one’s sense of Self and well-being.  It feels rather relentless and oppressive, and makes it difficult to relax into a more enjoyable experience of allowing one’s creativity to flow with ease.

Conjunctions are funny aspects – the experience of them differs widely depending on the nature of the planets involved.  Because Saturn builds […]

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