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The astrology of Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore divorceMuch has been said lately about Ashton Kutcher’s alleged adultery, and the possible demise of the May/December relationship is being blamed on their age difference.  But I suspect it has more to do with the fact that Ashton’s chart reveals a psychological conflict between a serious and sensible nature and a yearning to be free.

Ashton’s chart (source: Astrotheme) shows that he is a New Moon personality, with the Sun and Moon conjoined in Aquarius.  New Moon people are somewhat impulsive and can have a tendency towards rash behavior – they are on the path of a new beginning and carry a great deal of excitement with them.  The fact that the New Moon is in Aquarius adds an even greater touch of eccentricity and a desire to be authentic and true to one’s own self.  The New Moon configuration (and Mercury, the planet of the mind) fall in the Ninth House of travel and adventure, revealing Ashton’s need for experiences that continue to broaden his horizons and deepen his understanding.

That New Moon also conjoins Venus (attraction and relationships) at the Midheaven of the chart, the point of highest aspiration, with both Venus and the Midheaven also in Aquarius and all three planets are in a harmonious trine to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune.  This is a very positive aspect for career success, but it also alludes to the importance of relationships in advancing his career.  This is a powerful Aquarian influence that can be brilliant and innovative, but also detached and isolated.  Aquarius has two rulers: Saturn (the detached and isolated influence) and Uranus (the brilliant innovator).  Yet both of these planets have something in common – neither […]

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Tom Cruise – Candid Revelations or Self Promotion?

Tom Cruise has been shockingly open in recent interviews about his abusive father. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he is promoting his new movie Mission Impossible III. For someone who has made a habit of filing lawsuits any time the press started delving into his personal life, Tom has been amazingly candid lately. From his sofa jumping on the Oprah show to public displays of affection everywhere since his relationship with Katie Holmes began, Tom Cruise appears to be opening up in a brand new way. But is he really?

A recent interview in Parade Magazine exposes some previously unknown facts about Mr. Cruise. Now 5’7″, he was a small child and bullied both at home and at school. He was unable to read and forced into separate classes, causing him to feel excluded and lonely. His reading disability was diagnosed as dyslexia, but he says “labels don’t mean anything.” Parade Magazine quotes contemporaries of Tom during his high school years as being “angry, muscular, intense, obsessed with success.” Tom later became involved in Scientology, probably as a way to manage his emotions. Scientology teaches the power of rational thought, and there is no doubt that Tom has successfully channeled his energies and emotions in a way that has brought him great success.

Tom Cruise was born with the Sun in Cancer, the sensitive sign of the soft shell crab. Cancers are primarily concerned with family, with taking care of others. It’s a sensitive and emotional sign that strongly needs to be nurtured, which is challenging for a man in our society. Cancerian people who do not receive that nurturing at an early age or later in life tend to build a hard crusty […]

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