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The astrology of Megyn Kelly

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All politically-related posts on this blog seem to generate controversy. Please note that I attempt to be as impartial as possible and focus on the astrology of the situation, although at times my own personal bias may bleed through.  

Megyn Kelly is no stranger to controversy, but where controversy served her well during her thirteen years at Fox News, it has not been as well received during her tenure at NBC’s morning show “Megyn Kelly Today.”  Her recent comments about white children dressing in blackface for Halloween resulted in NBC’s pulling the plug on her show.  These comments follow a long pattern of what has been described as “racial insensitivity” and should have been no surprise to the NBC execs who put her on the air.  Ms. Kelly’s particular combination of blonde beauty and biting intelligence is the very thing which catapulted her to fame on Fox News whose audience is primarily white and older, but was less appealing to NBC’s morning viewers who are accustomed to a different kind of content, and the younger audience left the show in even higher numbers.

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It will not surprise astrology buffs to know that Megyn Kelly (born November 18, 1970 time unknown) was born with the Sun in the sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio a powerful sign which is known for its penchant for passion and intensity, and driven by an urge towards transformation and the embrace of the dark side of human experience as part of the process of personal evolution.  Scorpio people are often intense and amoral, living in an embrace of their own personal Truth that will not necessarily be the same as the truths espoused by […]

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Vernal Equinox today – the first day of Spring!

Spring EquinoxArt by Kathryn Rodenbach.

The Sun enters Aries today, marking the Vernal Equinox – the time at which the days and nights are of equal length.  The charts for the Equinoxes and Solstices are significant in predicting the energy that will be circulating over the next few months, and these charts are often used by weather forecasters as well as other prognosticators of various kinds.

The chart for the current Equinox shows an exact opposition of Saturn to the Sun, which suggests challenges and delays along with the necessity for practicality and diligence.  However, Mars in Leo is exactly trine to the Sun, a harmonious balance of active energy that helps to keep us motivated and inspired.

The Moon in this chart is in an exact square to Chiron and Neptune which suggests a certain amount of emotional intensity despite the fact that the Moon is in Taurus which tends to remain rather balanced through any kind of chaos.  But Chiron and Neptune bring about a push for emotional healing and this sometimes necessitates an eruption of feelings that have long been hidden.

The Moon is in an exact harmonious sextile to Uranus which helps to provide a level of rationality and air which will keep the emotional stuff from becoming too intense.  Overall this is not a bad chart and suggests that the period leading up to the Summer Solstice will be a time of reflection and preparation for the intensity to come at the Solstice point.

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