The meaning of Mars in Virgo in 2021

art by Molee on Deviant Art

For the past month or so, Mars has been traveling through Leo in close connection to both Saturn and Uranus, translating the challenging square between them which is the story of 2021.  The energies of Saturn = control and repression vs Uranus = radical change and rebellion are evident everywhere in 2021, from the attempted overthrow of governments to the riots over mask policies.  The addition of Mars in Leo, acting as double fire since Mars is a fire planet, didn’t really help matters. Wildfire season came early to the American West, and record breaking heatwaves spread across western Canada and the Northwest of the US as well as elsewhere in the world.  A gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico set the waters on fire.  It’s not been an easy summer although it doesn’t compare with 2020 when we had seven planets retrograde for months.

In any case, Mars left Leo for Virgo late yesterday, and that should cool things off a bit and help us to find more stability in our life especially later today when the Moon shifts from fiery Aries to grounded Taurus for a couple of days.  When the desire and motivation of Mars meets the organizational capacity of Virgo, we can accomplish great things.  We have been short on Earth energy recently, and with both Mars and Venus in Virgo we will be better able to attend to the small details of life that give us a sense of security. More importantly, because Virgo is a modest sign that does not relish conflict and instead prefers that life operate smoothly with all details locked in place, this may help to resolve some of […]

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Weekend update – The power of the Will to create change

art by Kristina Makeeva

On Saturday July 17th the Libra Moon sets off the approaching opposition of the Sun and Pluto, finding a tender balance between the sensitivity of the Cancer Sun and the relentless pressure of Pluto to emerge from the safety of the cocoon and step out into the brilliant light of our best selves. In Libra, the Moon urges an attempt to find harmony and that is not always possible in a situation like this so instead we can find that center point of balance within.

Once the Moon makes the shift into Scorpio at 2:38 pm EDT, however, we might as well dive into the depths of emotion, feeling and passion.  The Sun/Pluto opposition builds until 6:46 pm, fueling the intensity behind everything that we’re feeling, and the Pluto-ruled Scorpio Moon just doubles down on that emotional firepower.  This is not always comfortable, especially for those of us who are uncomfortable with lots of intensity and emotion (I’m looking at you, Aquarius and Sagittarius!).  But the power of Pluto can help us to shatter old paradigms of who we think we are and assist in the evolutionary process.

The intensity of the Sun/Pluto alignment lingers into Sunday, especially with the Moon still in Scorpio until late Monday afternoon.  The Moon activates the bigger cycle of Saturn square Uranus – the revolutionary cycle of unrest that is the story of 2021 – throughout the day making Sunday an excellent time to listen to the passionate needs of the heart and visualize a change which will strengthen and embolden you to embark on a new and exciting path.  The energy is building all day for a strong square from Mercury to Uranus which culminates on […]

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7.9.21 – The New Moon in Cancer brings the heart into focus

art by Jessica Durant

The New Moon offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, and in Cancer we find ourselves discovering a depth of emotion that we may have ignored in the past: the heart of wisdom. Ruled by the Moon itself, Cancer rules the inner world – our feelings, our desire to nurture and be cared for, our tribal identifications such as to family or country.  The heart connection forged by the sign of Cancer brings us more deeply into self-awareness and connection, which in turn helps us to develop sensitive connections with those around us.

At the New Moon, the sky is actually dark and the light of the Moon is invisible. There is a pregnant pause here before the sliver of the Moon begins to show itself in the crescent phase.  The intentions that we set at the New Moon may not be immediately apparent, and we may need to go into somewhat of a dark place before we can discover the light that is yet to emerge.

Under a strong influence of Aquarius since the beginning of the year, we may have neglected our emotions and sensitive heart;  Aquarius is rather unconcerned with matters of feelings and instead lives in the realm of air – intellect and communication have been more prevalent, especially with Mercury, planet of communication, in its own sign of Gemini for quite some time.  The 2021 square from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus is the story of change and a radical departure from the past that Cancer holds so dear.  Venus and Mars are both in fiery Leo right now, approaching their conjunction in a few days, so there is plenty of fire […]

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7.5.21 – Release of stuck energy with the Sun sextile Uranus

Over the past few days we’ve had a powerful compression of planets in fixed signs conflicting with each other.  Saturn square Uranus of course, the story of 2021, but Mars in Leo has been involved in that dance as well which has inflamed and activated any tension.  There is a force now for change – the release of the past for the sake of the new – under Uranus which is conflicting with Saturn’s tendency to hold things back and delay until the timing is right.  Over the weekend the Taurus Moon entered the fray, conjoining Uranus for a general sense of disruption and squaring Saturn and Mars.  Planets in fixed signs don’t adapt well to conflict and there is often a tension which has to eventually burst.

Today we begin to release the pressure cooker of this drama in fixed signs!  The sensitive Cancer Sun harmonizes in a sextile to Uranus and activates new ideas and facilitates easing into a different way of feeling your way through your world.  This is a subtle influence compared with the bombs we’ve been dodging over the past week, but if we pay attention we will see the glimmer of light through the clouds that shows the way forward. ❤️

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I’m back! 7.3.21 – still a few more intense days

These morning (EDT) posts are an important part of my daily ritual but not easy to keep up with while traveling.  Thanks for your patience, and the challenges I wrote about a few days ago are still present.  Today Mars (action and aggressive force) is locked in an exact square to Uranus (thunderbolt, radical departure from the status quo) just after its exact opposition to Saturn yesterday.  Saturn seeks control and structure and Uranus inspires us to break away from that control and blow up the structures, so this planetary dynamic (the story of 2021) is already a challenge.  Add to this the force of Mars, and the situation can be quite volatile indeed.

Over the past couple of days the Aries Moon has not helped the situation.  Today the Moon moves into placid Taurus and helps to calm things down just as the Mars/Uranus chaos potential peaks.  On the positive side, these energies can help us to break out of a pattern which has been holding us hostage and help us to start something new.  The challenge, however, is that we might take that step rather recklessly and without a great deal of thought.  Over the next few days it will become easier to relax and regroup if we allow the potential of the Taurus Moon to find a balance point. ❤️


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