5.17.21 – Tranquil stability as the Taurus Sun trines Pluto

art by Leesha Hannigan

The Taurus Sun emits the light of stability and power over us Earthlings, and as it completes its passage through Taurus the Sun forms a harmonious trine to Pluto today.  Solar aspects last only a day or two but they can infuse us with positivity and help us to find our own inner core of strength.  Pluto is often feared as a destructive force, but its power of regeneration must not be forgotten!

The Moon will leave sensitive Cancer for vibrant Leo at 8:43 am EDT/12:43 am GMT, adding some much needed fire to the astrological skies and helping us to break through the inertia that stationary Saturn may be causing right now.  Saturn will retrograde on the 23rd and until then it is virtually stationary in the sky, imposing a brake on our desires and will to act.  The purpose of Saturn is to force us to think through the details more carefully and therefore be more successful when that action does take place.  I believe that this understanding can help us to work WITH Saturn without becoming frustrated by his tendency to kibosh the fun. 😀


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