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Jupiter opposes Saturn this week: the Jupiter/Saturn cycle

Jupiter opposes Saturn on May 23, bringing its expansive qualities to the already tumultuous divisions between Saturn and Uranus, a larger planetary cycle that has been in operation since the fall of 2008.

Jupiter and Saturn are oppositional forces.  Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts.  Jupiter is optimistic, Saturn is pessimistic (although it prefers to think of itself as “realistic”).  I should say, Saturn IS realistic, but compared to Jupiter is SEEMS pessimistic.

The 20-year Jupiter cycle is used by mundane astrologers to forecast political events as the two planets cycle through conjunctions in one element for about 200 years and then transition into the next.  (See Richard Nolle’s excellent table for 3,000 years’ worth of data.)

Since 1980 we have been in the transitional period between elements.  The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Earth was in 1961, and the conjunction in 1980-1981 transitioned into air, moving  back into Earth for the conjunction in 2000.  The 2020 conjunction will take place in the air element. We are therefore at the end of the transitional period between earth and air.

Robert Blaschke writes:  “When Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the earth element, societal infrastructure evolves globally and there is substantial wealth creation, along with extensive land settlement and territorial disputes.  The earth cycle began in 1802 and we can certainly see that this was in play.  We are now transitioning between earth and air, and Robert writes:  “[Jupiter/Saturn c]onjunctions in the air element historically correspond with rapid social progress, significant intellectual development, and new concepts entering into human consciousness. ”  I would add that with the air element there is a growing focus on fairness and equality, and we are in a transitional period between the Piscean age and […]

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The Saturn/Uranus opposition: Hung parliament in Britain

This will be interesting to watch in light of the absolute failure in the United States to have any kind of coalition or consensus between Democrats and Republicans.

Graphic of possible hung parliament scenarios

Thanks to BBC News for this table. Oppositions require balance and integration, and in order to accomplish that each end of the scale needs to take on characteristics of the other.  Finding common ground is an important first step to finding balance in an opposition.  Let’s see if this can actually be done in politics!

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Scorpio Full Moon, April 27

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 28th features a number of powerful aspects and this lunar event is likely to carry a fair amount of intensity with it.  Scorpio is the sign of intensity and passion – under the Scorpio influence we reach deep into the underworld of emotions to where our feelings are raw and true.  This is no time for superficiality!

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon, and brings about the need for balance and integration. Here the centerpoint occurs between the peaceful harmony and stability of Taurus and the fiery emotional depth of Scorpio.  With any opposition, integration is required as the two opposite ends of the spectrum seek expression.  While we penetrate deep into the realm of feeling (Scorpio), we also require a sense of balance and serenity (Taurus) in order to gain the true power of this Full Moon.

This Full Moon features a “T-square” with a conjunction of Mercury to the Sun, suggesting that the mind is to be fully engaged at this time with reason and that understanding playing a key part in the dance.

A square of Mars to the Sun/Mercury conjunction on the one side, and the Scorpio Moon on the other, completes the T-square with a powerful burst of energy and aggression. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and this tight aspect to the lunation heightens the emotional intensity that is present at that time.

Under this Mars influence we may become aware of hidden causes of anger and frustration, and this is the time to recognize these feelings and bring them into our conscious awareness.

The opposition from Saturn to Uranus is still nearly exact, hinting that the aggression that lies at […]

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Uranus in Aries – the battle over gun control

It could be said that a keyword phrase for Uranus is:  “Rules?  We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.”  Uranus is all about breaking the rules – fighting for independence, the right to make one’s own decisions and not be hampered by any external force.  Aries is the sign that is ruled by Mars, the god of war.  Mars rules over guns and all other forms of weaponry and other supplies needed for warfare.  So we can just imagine that when Uranus enters Aries in May, the battle over gun control will begin to seem very important.

We are already seeing evidence of the chafing of gun rights advocates under the current rules, even though open carry of handguns is only banned in three states.  Ironically, one of those is Texas – arguably the seat of the modern Wild West.  In any case, President Obama’s election in November of 2008, which coincided with the first phase of the opposition between Saturn (rules) and Uranus (no rules) resulted in a widespread shortage of ammunition amidst fears of a crackdown on gun rights which of course never materialized.

Uranus is in the last degrees of Pisces, on the cusp of Aries and recent pro-gun rallies presage what we can expect once Uranus fully enters Aries next month.  The fervor over gun rights is becoming so strong that many feel that the National Rifle Association doesn’t go far enough in protecting the rights of gun owners to carry weapons wherever and whenever they choose.

Some gun owners, saying that the National Rifle Association isn’t battling hard enough for their rights, are taking the fight into their own hands.
The 4.3 million-member NRA, one of the most powerful and well-funded lobbying groups […]
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Chiron in Pisces: The bliss of healing

Chiron in PiscesChiron moves into the sign of Pisces today.  Chiron is an interesting planetary body whose orbit lies in the Kuiper belt.  But just as Chiron was not an ordinary Centaur even though he was half horse and half man, Chiron is not just an ordinary KBO (Kuiper Belt Object).  For more information on the planetary properties of Chiron visit this earlier article, and here you’ll find more information on the astrological Chiron.

Today Chiron leaves Aquarius for the sign of Pisces.  In its role as the Wounded Healer, Chiron shows where are deepest wounds lie, and where we will find the keys to healing.  A soul that has experienced the intensity of experience in emotional or physical pain has an opportunity to gain greater wisdom and a depth of consciousness and awareness by delving deep into the wound that is not available without these experiences.

Chiron is the guide on this journey, giving us the courage to open our hearts despite the fear and pain that may make this process excrutiatingly difficult in some cases.

While Chiron was in Aquarius from 2005 until next year (Chiron will retrograde back into Aquarius in July to complete the process) we have seen the ways in which technology, one of the domains of Aquarius, has created wounds and intensified experiences of loneliness and isolation in the midst of 1,000 Facebook friends.  Aquarius, with its double rulership of Saturn (rules and isolation) and Uranus (the collective) has a tendency to become somewhat disconnected from the heart and soul, living primarily in the head and the realm of thoughts and ideas.

The period of Chiron traveling through Aquarius completes itself with […]

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