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Hillary, Obama and the Saturn Return

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is sniping at former supporters who are flirting with the idea of supporting Barack Obama. Says Arianna Huffington at a campaign event for Obama this week, “It’s like being married, and suddenly you fall in love. You’re a good person, and a loyal person … you have a history with the Clintons,” she said. “And you feel like you’re cheating.”

Last week her popularity took a hit when she refused to apologize for voting to give the President war powers in 2002. Her campaign staff railed against John Edwards when he suggested that she, like he should apologize for their error, calling Edwards’ tactic a betrayal of other Democrats. Yet this week when David Geffen made comments about Bill Clinton in a column by Maureen Dowd, the Clinton campaign brought out all of their guns to retaliate, demanding that Obama return Geffen’s large donation.

None of this is making Hillary look very good, and it comes as Saturn is returning to its place in her birthchart and transiting Chiron (the wounded healer) is making a square to her natal Chiron, as referenced in this earlier article. These are both highly personal transits that evoke emotional reactions, making this a difficult time for Hillary to be conducting a highly public campaign. Her relationships are being challenged right now (with Venus conjunct Chiron in her natal chart, Venus is also affected by the Chiron transit). In April, transiting Chiron will oppose Pluto in her chart, exposing the cracks (Chiron) in the armor of her power (Pluto). These challenging planetary cycles can be times of great strength and personal development, but they can also break down our defenses making […]

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The astrology of Hillary Clinton, 2017 edition

Hillary Clinton is all over the news lately as the most recognized Presidential candidate. A recent CNN/Gallup poll shows that 39% of Democrats polled said they would vote for Clinton in 2008, as opposed to 15% for John Kerry, 13% for Al Gore and 12% for John Edwards. These numbers have been consistent over the past year, and Hillary is looking like a front-runner for the Democrats. Will she run, and if she runs, will she win? Let’s take a look at her chart. Note to astrologers: Hillary has given her birth time as 8:00 pm, and most published birthcharts show her with 29 deg. Gemini on the ascendant. It seems clear to me that Cancer is a more appropriate ascendant for Hillary – she is extremely family-oriented and can appear cold as many Cancer ascendant people do. Additionally, she has the moon face and low center of gravity also associated with Cancer rising. Consequently, I’ve used 8:15 pm as a birthtime which should be taken with a grain of salt, since her exact birthtime is not available. This of course also means that the midheaven is likely off as well.

Since her appearance on the national political stage, there was no doubting the power of Hillary Clinton. Hillary had been an overachiever from an early age: in high school she served as class president, student council and debating team member, and member of the National Honor Society. As a Republican, she worked actively for the campaign of Barry Goldwater at the age of 16 and went on to become President of the Wellesley chapter of College Republicans. Moved by the death of Martin Luther King her political views became more liberal and she […]

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