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The US Seventh House of Enemies

Nations have astrological charts, and although usually there is a great deal of debate over which chart to use for a particular nation, the chart commonly accepted by most astrologers, and the one that I use, is the Sibley chart of July 4, 1776 at 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, with Sagittarius rising.  In this chart, the Sun – the primary driver of the personality in both individuals and in mundane charts of nations – is in the seventh house.

We think today of the seventh house as being the house of marriage and partnership, but traditionally it is also the place where “open enemies” can be found.  When the Sun is in the seventh house, we tend to define ourselves through our partnerships and observe ourselves through the eyes of the “other.”  This is certainly true of the United States the very existence of which originated in a war for independence, a separation of the US from the “other” – the parent country England.  (Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, lives in the tenth house of the Sibley chart which in the chart of an individual often represents the parent as well as the expression of the entity in the outer world, reflecting a difficult separation from the parent country.)

The United States has always defined itself through the idea of an enemy.  The Cancerian Sun is oriented towards the idea of tribal loyalty and affiliation, and in the seventh house the tribe organizes against the enemy.  Originally of course this enemy against whom all citizens joined together was England.  After the Revolutionary War, settlers and citizens of the new Republic went to war against the native Americans and THEY became the enemy until the Mexican American war, at which […]

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Astrological advice: When will Jupiter bring me my ideal relationship?

astrological adviceEach week I answer a reader question using their astrological chart.  Because this service is designed to help as many people as possible, preference is given to questions which will have benefit and interest others.  If you have a burning question you think others will share, please email me and it will be considered! 

Jupiter has been transiting my seventh house since October 2017, I was expecting for a relationship to appear in my life. I was sure that just like Meghan Markle fell into Harry’s life, someone would fall into mine and vice versa. So I have been going to parties, pubs, weddings, meetings… any invitation I am saying yes (just like Jim Carrey in Yes Man movie), but nothing -besides drunk men- falls on my lap.

Jupiter is about to move to my 8th house and I am worried -frightened, indeed- that I will end up missing that experience in this life. I really want to marry and have a family of my own… but it looks like  no matter what I do, no matter where I go… I end up the same. I am up to the point where I am tired and just want to curl in my bed… I hate loud places, I hate going to parties where I am stalked by married men, I hate going to the beach to be asked by kids half my age, but I am scared that if I don’t, I will be missing this opportunity.

What are your thoughts on this? what piece of advice/light could you give me on this? Are my expectations on Jupiter wrong or too high?


When I was single for about nine years after my divorce I too watched the passages of […]

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