solar eclipse 2010

Wisdom for the upcoming eclipse

Michael Erlewine, owner of the Matrix astrology software company and the new website Astrology Land, posted a wonderful note on his Facebook page about the upcoming eclipse.  If you are on Facebook you can see the note here, otherwise here are the highlights”

Eclipses are powerful. In the astrological literature of not only the West, but also that of India, China, and Tibet it is clearly noted that if Full and New Moons are key times in the lunar cycle, then eclipses are yet of another order of magnitude stronger in their effect on our lives.

When the tradition says that eclipses are powerful, don’t look around outside yourself for some fearsome event to take place. That’s not it. We tend to think that it is the outside events that affect us most, and yet the most powerful events are those that take place inside us, somewhere in there toward our center. These are the events that actually control the periphery of our lives, all that is on the outside. In other words, our inside-changes control the outside more than vice-versa. When something changes deep within us, this can set into motion a whole string of events that really is life-changing.

Tradition states that every Full or New Moon, but especially when an eclipse occurs, has a certain tone or impulse (call it a vibration) that we may or may not resonate or pick up on at the particular time. It is made available, but we are not always receptive to it. This impulse or deep resonance is present around the times of an eclipse, either before, during, or after the actual physical event of the eclipse. It is not a matter of an exact minute, but a more general kind of thing… […]

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Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo

Saturn in VirgoSaturn is at its last degree of Libra today before retrograding back into Virgo tomorrow (Tuesday) at around 3:30 pm Eastern time. Saturn has been in Libra since last fall where it has been creating tests and challenges in the areas of partnerships and beauty, as well as our aesthetic ideals.

Virgo is the sign that deals with issues of day-to-day life in a body. The food we eat, the mind body connection and our health, our day-to-day routines such as the work that we get up for every day, and a thrifty and practical approach to our finances. While Saturn was in Virgo it forced us as a global people to look hard at these areas of life and we can argue that Saturn’s entry into Virgo began the practical move towards a more sensible approach to finance that began to bring down the irrational exuberance at the end of the Pluto in Sagittarius era.  Saturn in Virgo also forced us to face the reality of the deteriorating quality of our health, not to mention the healthcare delivery systems, and the fact that the work force is shrinking as manufacturing is increasingly automated and humans are rendered obsolete in many fields.

Saturn will turn direct and begin to move forward again on May 30, but it will remain in Virgo until it re-enters Libra on July 21st. While Saturn travels through Virgo it will no longer be conflicting with Pluto which will bring some relief from the intensity of the Saturn/Pluto square which has been putting a lot of pressure on the need to let go of the past and allow transformation to occur.

Still, when Uranus enters Aries in May and […]

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