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Astrological news this week: Pluto retrograde and eclipse season begins!

Astrological update for the week of April 25 – May 2, 2022

art by John Craig

Pluto turns retrograde. I’ve been talking for a while about the Pluto station because Pluto hasn’t moved much in months – it’s only traveled one degree since the end of February and won’t travel more than one degree until early July.  That is a long time if you have planets between 25 and 29 Capricorn or the other cardinal signs Cancer, Libra Aries.  And if you have planets between 0 and 2 degrees of Aquarius or the other fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) you’ll feel some effect too. (Some astrologers use 10 degree orbs or more – I tend to use tight orbs as that seems to work in a more practical setting, like real life.)

We have had quite a few months with no planets retrograde, and with Pluto changing direction we have just one retrograde planet. The next retrograde will be Mercury turning retrograde on May 10, but in the meantime the focus is on Pluto and drilling down to the absolute Truth. Self-deception might have been the name of the game over the past few weeks with Jupiter and Neptune slamming together in a dance of bliss and psychic harmony, and we now have Mars and Venus joining them in Pisces (see the information about the eclipse below).

When Pluto is in charge, we are under the guidance of fate. Anyone with tight aspects from Pluto to their natal chart knows this, and eventually we learn that when fate is in charge we are guided towards our highest destiny if we can only let go.

A note about the Pisces stellium.  The blurring of details is a feature […]

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Astrological update for the week of November 29, 2021: A solar eclipse, and some Neptune fog

artist unknown

This week the big news is Neptune turning direct on December 1 after traveling in apparent retrograde motion since June 2021 (like the other two outer planets, Neptune is retrograde approximately half the year), and the upcoming solar eclipse on December 4th in Sagittarius.

The outer planets work as inspirational forces, and because they move slowly their impact can last for a long time. When a planet is preparing to change direction, its apparent motion from our perspective on Earth slows down to a crawl before stopping as it appears to turn, just like a car doing a U-turn would do.  At these times the influence of the planet is particularly potent, especially if it is hitting a sensitive point in our own chart.  Neptune has been between 20-23 degrees Pisces since February 2021, so if you have planets in this degree range in any of the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini) you might have been experienced some intense confusion, inspiration, heightened imagination, deeper spiritual connection – all of these are Neptunian experiences that tend to enhance or blur the mundane day to day reality.

This can be a magical time, full of Spirit and wonder, but it can also create some illusion and delusion. In the middle of a pandemic, and with the intensity of the square from Saturn to Uranus creating some conflict and disruption, the desire to escape may be a strong one. Neptune in Pisces is itself connected with the idea of a virus that spreads mysteriously around the world. Neptune will not leave this 20-23 degree box until April after a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces, which is another whole story of potential spiritual grace mixed with delusion.

In any case, […]

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6.10.21 Eclipse effects linger as we sort through confusion

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If you missed yesterday’s post on the Gemini Solar Eclipse you can catch up here. 

The solar eclipse occurred this morning at 6:52 am EDT (please adjust for your location), but the effects will continue to linger for several days.  This eclipse is loaded with the effect of Mercury – the planet of thought and communication.  Mercury is said to rule the “small mind” – not in terms of being inferior in any way, but Mercury deals with matters of the personal.  What are we thinking, how do we share that information, what can we learn and how does our mind work – these are all facets of the Mercury influence.  This solar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.  The Sun and Moon are both conjunct Mercury.  Mercury is retrograde and close to the Earth.

Mercury requires a pretty sharp focus in order to perform optimally, and when it is retrograde that focus can be harder to pin down.  That’s not helped by the fact that the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all being squared by Neptune today.  Neptune is a transformational planet of mystical inspiration and soulful discovery – it has no interest in the mundane affairs that are Mercury’s domain, and a strong Neptune influence tends to pull our attention beyond the ordinary towards the infinite realm of possibility and magic. Consequently this is not the best day to make an important decision if you can avoid it – instead, we can use this expansive quality  to open our minds to new ways of thinking about our world and how we live in it. ❤️

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6.9.21 – Blaze a new trail at the Gemini Solar Eclipse!

photo by Jefferson Teng

This Solar Eclipse at the Gemini New Moon marks a brand new beginning and a fresh start.  All New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and a New Moon at the first degree of a sign carries its own signature of a new beginning. Gemini is the sign of awakening the mind: the mental curiosity that takes us into new experiences and new ways of looking at the world.

This New Moon is an eclipse because it occurs near the Nodes of the Moon – in this case it aligns in a tight conjunction with the South Node which represents our past history and karmic ties. The Lunar Nodes give eclipses greater significance since we are confronting and clearing energies that continue to lurk from the past. While we are fostering this new beginning and creating new ideas for the future, something or someone from the past will require our attention. We can’t move forward without integrating these lessons.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, and at the eclipse point the Sun will be in a very tight conjunction to retrograde Mercury.  Retrograde Mercury carries a special potency, and is even more potent when illuminated by the Sun, so all aspects of information and communication are highlighted here – especially the filtering of our experiences through the mind so that we may learn and adapt to this new information.

It doesn’t particularly help that Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, is locked in a challenging square to the triple conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Moon.  This square aspect can lead to confusion and delusion as well as difficulty focusing or concentrating.  We may feel lethargic and disillusioned, […]

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The meaning of the December 14, 2020 solar eclipse

Syzygy by Holly Campbell

I think it’s safe to say that eclipses are one of the many things on which astrologers disagree.  Do they cause major events?  How long do the effects last – three months? Six months? One week?  Two-three weeks?  Astrology is not a fixed science – rather like meteorology, it’s difficult to make precise predictions because the world is always changing. A planetary transit will affect one person one way at one time, and completely different another time (if you are over 60 you can see this in your own life by looking at your first Saturn Return age 28-30, and your second one age 56-60).

In any event, we have a solar eclipse on December 14th, the second in a pair (the first, a lunar eclipse, occurred November 30th).  A lunation becomes an eclipse when the Sun and Moon are in tight aspect to the lunar nodes (the points in the sky where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun).  This is what gives an eclipse the quality of a fated experience – the lunar nodes represent our journey from past to future.  In both of these eclipses the Sun conjoins the South Node, suggesting that the path to letting go of past experiences which hold us back is illuminated now, but in the solar eclipse the Sun is darkened by the shadow of the Moon.

The Sun represents our conscious intention and the Moon represents our instincts – the way we operate on a more internal level when nobody’s looking. In the solar eclipse these conscious intentions are eclipsed by the shadow of the Moon and therefore able to emerge in a way that they might […]

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