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Uranus square the lunar nodes: Change is inevitable, progress is optional

Over the past week, and throughout November, the planet Uranus and the lunar nodes will be locked in a square (90 degree) formation.  The nodes of the Moon are points where the journey of the Moon through the sky crosses the path of the Sun, and these points are associated with the soul’s journey from past to future.

I view the outer planets as transformational forces which inspire us, activating something in the personality in order to create change where change is necessary.  Uranus is the planet of change itself – under the influence of Uranus we tend to become restless with anything in our lives that feels stuck, and sometimes we find ourselves faced with shocking events that serve to knock us from our comfort zone.

Our lives are built on patterns of expectation.  We expect that we will wake up in the morning, and that we will follow our normal routines during the day.  Uranus tends to break apart those expectations, at best helping us to see our lives through new eyes.  At its most difficult, Uranus can bring about a drastic change that forces a change in perspective.

Planetary cycles occur on several planes at once.  The alignment of the planets in the sky (which I write about in my Planetary Illuminations newsletter) affect everyone on the planet on a macro level.  When these alignments interact with the planets in our own natal chart, they stimulate change or evolution on a much more personal level.  There are other layers of planetary influence as well: to our relationships, to our communities and countries, to our evolving selves.

The current square between Uranus and the lunar nodes could bring about surprising events in our lives that shake us […]

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Psychological inheritance and the lunar nodes

I did a reading for a client the other day who had Saturn, the planet of discipline and challenging life experiences, in a square to the Nodes of the Moon.  The Nodes of the Moon represent the pathway of our soul’s evolutionary journey from the past (the South Node) to the future (the North Node).  When a planet is in a square (90 degree) aspect to the Nodes of the Moon it is sometimes called a “skipped step” (coined by astrologer Jeffrey Green), meaning that planet plays an important role in our evolution and reflects an energy that requires constant examination and perfection. I have found in client work that the skipped step often shows something that gets in the way of our evolution – a pattern or way of looking at the world that holds us back and keeps us from being able to move forward in our lives.  Like so many other ways in which astrological forces that are difficult also serve as the keys to personal growth, that same planet that holds us back is the portal to our own self-discovery. In the reading I mentioned this square of Saturn to the nodes, and the fact that often individuals with this placement come into this life with a sense that life is too hard – the force of Saturn which forces us to work hard and apply great discipline both stands in the way of our finding ease in life, but also represents a key to our progress.  After the reading she shared with me that her grandmother had always told her that she was a descendant of a notorious mass murderer, and informed her that she and her family were being punished for […]

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Obama’s Grandmother and the South Node

A reader wrote to me the other day about an article she had read where a Vedic astrologer predicted that Obama would be assassinated because Ketu (the South Node of the Moon) would be conjunct Obama’s Sun.

I dearly want to respect my colleagues, but I feel that when we predict death of any kind we are stepping over the line.  First, I’m not sure how possible it is, and second, I’m not sure how useful it is to have that kind of information.

The conjunction of the South Node to the natal Sun is something that occurs for all of us every 19 years or so.  I looked up my own last transit of the South Node to my Sun, and since my Sun conjuncts Saturn, another “malefic”, a Vedic or traditional astrologer might predict terrible things for that day.  As far as I know, nothing horrible happened although I did post an article on Lindsay Lohan’s “annus horribilis.”  Maybe that was the way the South Node expressed itself.

The South Node represents our past and things we must learn from the past.  The conjunction of the South Node to the Sun, our Essential Self, may put us in touch with something unfinished from an earlier part of our life that needs resolution.  Obama’s grandmother IS his past – she raised him and is credited for helping to shape him into the man he is today.  The timing of the transiting South Node across his Sun at this time appears significant in light of the failing health of his grandmother, and the fact that she may not survive to see him elected which would coincide with the exact hit of the South Node to the Sun.

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Doom and gloom for autumn 2007

Thanks to Elsa as always for finding this interesting article from Theodore White, a traditional astrologer, about upcoming fall events.

As many of you know, I have a strong dislike for the consideration of certain planetary events or placements as “bad” or “good.” Some are easier and some are more challenging, but it’s often the easiest aspects that get us in the most trouble! And while I have tremendous respect for my more traditional colleagues and admire the work that they do, I find that much of the traditional approach is based in fear and avoidance of difficult situations.

I can’t help but believe that if life were meant to be easy we would have been sent to a different planet. Earth life is filled with joy and beauty but it is hard. Even individuals with easy charts go through periods of crisis and face death and disaster. But the experience of soul growth and transformation that comes from facing our challenges and learning their lessons is so exhilarating and magical that it is not to be traded for a life of laziness and complacency.

Getting down from my soapbox now – I was particularly interested in this statement from the article because my knowledge of the fixed stars is very limited (although I hope to rectify that situation soon!):

In summer 2007, we’ve seen some interesting transits of planets conjoined to what are called the four (4) Royal Stars —

Venus/Saturn – conjoined to fixed star Regulus (Watcher of the North)
Jupiter – conjoined to fixed star Antares (Watcher of the West)
Mars – conjoined to fixed star Aldeberan (Watcher of the East)
Moon/Dragon’s Head – Aug. 28, 2007 lunar eclipse – conjoined to fixed star Fomalhaut (Watcher of the South)

The planetary conjunctions to the four […]

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