Stock Market Astrology

The astrology of the 2018 US stock market rollercoaster

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll remember that the financial collapse of 2008 coincided with the entry of Pluto, planet of destruction and regeneration, into the contracting sign of Capricorn after spending 13 expansive years in optimistic Sagittarius.

At the end of December 2017, Saturn (tests, challenges and the reality principle) moved into its own sign of Capricorn which tends to make people somewhat cautious and risk-averse.  The first big dip of the year took place between February 1st and 5th under a challenging aspect from Venus to Jupiter.  Venus and Jupiter are known as the two “benefic” planets, even when a challenging aspect between the two occurs, but in this case the overindulgence of Venus and Jupiter was countermanded by the cautious nature of Saturn in Capricorn, causing a pullback in the optimism that tends to cause stock prices to rise.

Stock prices were back up into positive territory between mid-February and mid-March but dropped back into the negative when Mars (action) entered Capricorn and Jupiter (expansion) turned retrograde in the middle of March.  Stock prices remained quite volatile but never really developed any upward traction until the 9th of July when we began to see steady improvement in the markets after Jupiter turned direct.

It’s difficult to make predictions where human nature is concerned, and the stock market is largely a reflection of human reactions to news.  When people are optimistic, they buy into markets (stock market, housing market – whatever market!) which increases prices, and when they are fearful they tend to sell.  Sometimes expansive periods of Jupiter are associated with greater optimism and higher prices, and sometimes we see a peak of prices and then profit-taking which results in lower prices.

At any rate, once Jupiter turned […]

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The Jupiter/Saturn dance, retrogrades, and financial astrology

Jupiter Saturn trineThe qualities of Jupiter and Saturn are diametrically opposed to each other, but an integration of the two is absolutely essential for successfully surviving on Planet Earth.

Jupiter represents the principle of expansion and the seeking of experiences that imbue our life with meaning.  Jupiter teaches confidence and openness and inspires a quest for philosophies and religions that appear to us as truth.  Saturn counters the expansion of Jupiter with contraction – Saturn requires that we apply limits to our freedom and plants the seeds of self-doubt so that we will apply ourselves with rigorous discipline and face the challenges that human experience brings to teach us the lessons we need to learn here in the Earth School.  Saturn establishes boundaries and limits, and Jupiter seeks to go beyond those limits and boundaries.

When Jupiter and Saturn are in challenging alignments in the natal chart or in the sky, there is stress between our sense of confidence and our ability to create good fortune for ourselves (Jupiter) and the need to buckle down and work hard to accomplish ones goals (Saturn).  Currently we are in a harmonious cycle between Jupiter and Saturn, a cycle which began in July of 2013.  When Jupiter and Saturn align in friendship, we begin to see that the harder we work (Saturn) the lucker we get (Jupiter).  The two fit together more naturally – the confidence of Jupiter inspires more hard work and realistic attitudes encouraged by Saturn.

This has been an interesting dance in light of the larger cycle of the Uranus/Pluto square (see the sidebar if this is new to you).  Where the Uranus/Pluto square is fostering a cycle of resistance and rebellion (Uranus) followed by breakdowns (Pluto) and a rebuilding […]

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Wild swings in financial markets and a look ahead

stock market astrologyThe US stock market has been manic-depressive lately, swinging from wild highs to abysmal lows.

Mercury began to station (its apparent motion slowed down to a crawl) on August 2nd and it turned retrograde on August 4th.  On August 2nd the benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 266 points, and the next day it recovered some ground.

All retrogrades seem to bring about some kind of reversal in the stock market – sometimes the market will  swing higher rather than lower. But this retrograde occurred as  Uranus (sudden change) and Pluto (destruction/regeneration) came within one degree of a challenging square formation and the sense of instability and potential for crisis was universal.

Then aggressive Mars entered the emotional sign of Cancer on August 3rd and emotions took over the reactions of investors.  The Dow went up on the 3rd, and then with the retrograde turn of Mercury on the 4th plunged over 500 points.  This has been a market of reactivity which is not surprising when you consider that when Mars entered Cancer it began to face off in challenging aspects to Uranus and Pluto, setting off the fears of instability and change.  And let’s not forget the Full Moon on August 13th which evidently heightened those fears and resulted in a drop of 630 points.

After Mars passed through the window of the aspect to Uranus and Pluto there were a few days of calm, but yesterday, with Mars within three degrees of a challenging aspect to Saturn (the voice of anxiety) the market fell another 400 points.

Using astrology to predict stock market movement is a science that involves more than just an examination of planetary formations.  Each company has its own chart, and the leadership of […]

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Astrological financial update

Venus and Jupiter only conjoin for a day or two, but when the two “benefics” get together it’s usually a very pleasant and optimistic time.  Today they conjoin in Pisces, the sign of mystical wonder and illusion.  Jupiter is particularly strong in Pisces because Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so the positive energy should be fairly powerful today.

The financial markets are already reflecting this despite the fears over the amount of debt in Greece: Asian markets closed higher, as did Australia and New Zealand stock indexes.  Pisces rules oil, and oil prices took a big hike.

Following the stock market contraction that correlated with the challenging square from Saturn to Pluto at the end of January, planetary optimism is increasing which will likely bring about another rally in the markets.  The Pisces influence will continue as the Sun and Mercury both move into Pisces, and with them an increased ability to see the world through rose-colored glasses.  This is likely to continue until the beginning of March when Mars slows down before turning direct on March 10, followed by a challenging square of Venus to Pluto that will also slow things down or create reversals in the markets.

Disclaimer: This article is for general interest only and is NOT intended to be used as financial advice!!!

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Fears of Global Liquidity

One interesting byproduct of Pluto in Sagittarius has been the globalization (Sagittarius) of our shared money systems (Pluto) such as the stock market and banking in general. Financial markets all over the world are linked, and a sudden liquidity crisis in the financial markets and banks are creating an element of fear in the global financial world. Still, many voices out there are determinedly optimistic, citing the strong and growing economies virtually everywhere in the world.

The relentless rise of the stock market of the Jupiter/Pluto passage through Sagittarius is hitting some rocky bumps. Ignoring the reality of market fundamentals, the optimistic rise of the stock markets have continued unabated over the past few years despite the gloomy predictions of astrologers during the Saturn/Jupiter squares of last year and recent eclipses. With Saturn on my Sun I am not much of a gambler, and last week when the US stock market fell over 100 points I sold about half of my stock portfolio, only to regret it when those stocks rallied and climbed ever higher.

As an astrologer, though, I see this ever-increasing stock market as symbolic of the overreaction of Jupiter and Sagittarius to which reality at some point must come to the party. For one thing, China is gobbling up all of the US debt it can swallow (some sources say China owns $900 billion in US bonds which is 44% of the entire US debt, much of which is caused by the war). China is now threatening to use that leverage for political advantage in response to US threats of trade tariffs.

Once again we see how the determined optimistic expansion of Pluto in Sagittarius is setting the stage for problems when Pluto enters Capricorn and begins to break down and […]

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