Sun conjunct South Node

Astrological update for the week of November 22-29, 2021: Finding balance

Saturn square Uranus. There is really only one storm happening right now and that is the final square alignment between Saturn and Uranus, The Story of 2021 (™Lynn Hayes).  Saturn demands that we obey the rules, and Uranus inspires us to break out of rules that don’t support our growth as authentic individuals.  These two can be powerful allies – Uranus and Saturn are connected through their joint rulership of Aquarius where the rules and structures of Saturn are enhanced and modernized through the creative radicalization of Uranus.  But we haven’t seen that in real life this year.  Instead there has been chaos and violent disputes (Uranus) over control measures (Saturn) to attempt to hold the Coronavirus at bay.

The final phase of this alignment occurs in mid-December, after which the two planets will separate from the exact square aspect until September through November 2022 when they will resume their battles for one final episode (stay tuned for my analysis of the astrology of 2022, coming in a few weeks). The lesson here is to find the balance point between blindly following the rules of others (Saturn) and blindly rebellion against any control, even if it is for the highest good (Uranus).

Saturn sextile Chiron.  A fortunate subtheme of 2021 has been the gentle sextile between Saturn and Chiron, helping to soften the hard edges and facilitate the moving through challenges with greater ease.  These more subtle alignments are often buried under the drama of the more intense and challenging influences, but they are operating nonetheless to relieve some of the pressure.  This combination began in February 2021 and culminates this week.  Focusing on an intention to heal some of the challenges in our lives can help us to better […]

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12.11.20 A voice from the past is calling…eclipse preview

art by Charles Frizzell

Today we have a harmonious trine from the Sagittarius Sun to Mars in Aries, firing up our sense of confidence and activating our passion to create and inspire. There is an enhanced freedom of action with this pairing, and an ability to burst out of any boxes we may have put ourselves in under the triple conjunction in Capricorn that we’ve had all year.

The Sun is aligned with the South Node in preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse (watch for my article on this later today).  With the South Node signifying negative patterns and the things that hold us back, the illumination of the Sun reveals these old voices and helps us to let go a little more fully.  This noble effort is aided by that Mars trine, which activates the South Node as well.  The past is calling, but we have to let go in order to grow and evolve into a more enlightened future.

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