Sun opposite Pluto

Astrological news this week: Leo season begins!

Astrological update for the week of July 18-25, 2022

Chiron turns retrograde. Chiron is unlike any other planetary body in the solar system in that it has a cometary tail with the volume and size of a planet. Orbiting between the personal planets, bounded by Saturn, and the outer transformational planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it acts as a bridge between the personal and transpersonal. By encouraging the healing the soul wounds of this and previous incarnations, Chiron facilitates the growth and evolution of the soul as well as the personality.

When any planet turns retrograde it appears to be stationary in the sky, and this can intensify the experience of anyone whose natal chart is being activated by that planet. Chiron has only traveled one degree in the past two months, and it will take another two months to retrograde back one degree. If you have planets in your own natal chart between 12 and 18 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn) this may present emotional challenges as undigested feelings and dramas emerge to be released. If you have planets in those degrees of a fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) this process of healing and release will be just as important, but since this is a harmonious trine aspect the release will come more easily.

Sun and Mercury both enter Leo this week. Leo is the sign of the Sun – under its auspices we receive the warmth and vitality of its light and heat, and we learn to fully identify with the Self that is given to us for this lifetime. Leo is the ruler of the Sun, and expresses this need to fully express the Self as offered by the […]

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Weekend update – The power of the Will to create change

art by Kristina Makeeva

On Saturday July 17th the Libra Moon sets off the approaching opposition of the Sun and Pluto, finding a tender balance between the sensitivity of the Cancer Sun and the relentless pressure of Pluto to emerge from the safety of the cocoon and step out into the brilliant light of our best selves. In Libra, the Moon urges an attempt to find harmony and that is not always possible in a situation like this so instead we can find that center point of balance within.

Once the Moon makes the shift into Scorpio at 2:38 pm EDT, however, we might as well dive into the depths of emotion, feeling and passion.  The Sun/Pluto opposition builds until 6:46 pm, fueling the intensity behind everything that we’re feeling, and the Pluto-ruled Scorpio Moon just doubles down on that emotional firepower.  This is not always comfortable, especially for those of us who are uncomfortable with lots of intensity and emotion (I’m looking at you, Aquarius and Sagittarius!).  But the power of Pluto can help us to shatter old paradigms of who we think we are and assist in the evolutionary process.

The intensity of the Sun/Pluto alignment lingers into Sunday, especially with the Moon still in Scorpio until late Monday afternoon.  The Moon activates the bigger cycle of Saturn square Uranus – the revolutionary cycle of unrest that is the story of 2021 – throughout the day making Sunday an excellent time to listen to the passionate needs of the heart and visualize a change which will strengthen and embolden you to embark on a new and exciting path.  The energy is building all day for a strong square from Mercury to Uranus which culminates on […]

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7.16.21 – Facing hard truths with Sun opposite Pluto

art by Marta Orlowska

While the skies are relatively quiet today with no exact aspects, the Cancer Sun is moving into an opposition to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn which culminates tomorrow.  Under the influence of retrograde Pluto we are going back over difficult chinks in our reality to see what can be repaired and what must be left behind, and the Sun illuminates any of these issues we may be dealing with.  Perhaps our lives our functioning exactly as they need to be, and as we want them to be, and in that case Pluto empowers and offers strength.  Either way, the next couple of days have the potential to be potent times for realizations and wisdom.

Adding to this theme is the harmonious trine from Pluto to Ceres which peaks today.  Ceres is the planet of self-care and nurturing the body’s connection to spirit and soul, so the Pluto influence will call attention to ways in which we can improve this connection. This is a good time for nourishment of the body through food, nourishment of the mind through learning and imagination, nourishment of the soul by turning within and finding a peaceful place in which to spend a moment and calm the nerves. ❤️

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Capricorn Full Moon, July 9 2017: Find your footing in the midst of chaos

Capricorn Full Moon Full Moon by Dave Weir

The Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle. Beginning with the New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are fused and the solar and lunar energies combine to spark a new beginning, the Moon waxes in the sky into a beautiful glowing orb of magic and wonder at the Full Moon.

Full Moons are known to have an effect on the ocean tides, and because the Moon operates astrological at the heart level it touches the soul and stimulates a yearning for oneness and connection. The Moon operates primarily at the subconscious level, triggering our hidden desires and secret fears as well as feelings of love and joy.

When the Moon is full in the earthy sign of Capricorn, it is more stable and grounded, less subject to the ebb and flow of emotion.  However, this Full Moon embraces the extremely potent force of Mars, planet of aggression and rage, opposite Pluto, planet of destruction. (Mars in Cancer conjoins the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn conjoins the Moon.)   To complicate matters even further, the revolutionary planet Uranus is in a wide square (90 degree) aspect to the whole thing, stimulating a breakthrough or breakdown of some kind.

Capricorn Full Moon July 2017 click to enlarge

With the Moon conjunct Pluto, emotions will be intensified and there will be an urgency that comes from your most true heart.  Confrontations and passionate exchanges are a virtual certainty but with conscious intention we can focus this energy in a way that will help to create effective change.  The conjunction of the Sun to Mars creates an intense wave of energy that can […]

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The astrology of the Penn State scandal

On November 4, 2011 a grand jury indicted Jerry Sandusky, former assistant football coach at Penn State University, on 40 counts of sexual abuse against young boys.  Evidently these assaults or advances had been going on since 1994 despite the knowledge of other officials with the football team.

What is even more shocking is that Sandusky apparently used a charity that he founded (The Second Mile) to find the young boys (aged 11-14) for his misadventures which he is now calling “horseplay.”  Sandusky is married and he and his wife adopted six children and fostered many others before founding the charity. I am not a qualified psychologist, but the fact that Sandusky was able to continue this double life for nearly 20 years without detection would seem to suggest some sort of psychological pathology.  Let’s see what his chart says:

Jerry Sandusky (born January 26, 1944, time unknown, Washington Pennsylvania) is a double Aquarius: both the Sun and Moon are in that sign of rational thinking and reason.  We don’t know his birth time so we can’t tell his ascendant which would tell us more about his personality, but the Sun in Sandusky’s chart is opposed by Pluto (obsession, compulsion and experiences that transform us).  In their highest form the stress and challenges of Pluto/Sun aspects empower us and strengthen our will.  In individuals who are less self-reflective, this aspect can suggest an individual with deep-seated power issues and compulsions.

The kind of intense drama that is necessitated by Pluto/Sun aspects can be very difficult for Aquarian types who tend to dislike being dragged into the underworld of emotional chaos, and sometimes there is a split in the personality as a result.  This split can manifest as someone who […]

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