11.7.20. Fire up your engines with the Scorpio Sun quincunx Mars

art by George Atherton

The Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio today – a power placement that corresponds to the traditional celebration of Samhain in ancient Celtic lands (and by some even today).  This is one of the cross-quarter points between the Solstices and Equinoxes that are the midpoints of the fixed signs of endurance and power, and serves as a portal for transformational change.  Scorpio is ruled traditionally by Mars, and today the Sun is locked in an awkward quincunx (150 degree) aspect to retrograde Mars.  The quincunx is an awkward aspect which applies pressure without an easy avenue of release, and Mars is at a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn direct. We are all a bit stuck at the moment, and not just because of the election.

The Moon has just entered Leo, amplifying the fiery element even more which will help us to unlock some of the Sun/Mars energies today.  This aspect lasts only a day or so, but today would be a good day for some physical activity to help release excess fire and help us to ground more deeply into the physical.  You may experience some frustration today but it likely won’t last long and you may learn something about what it is that you really want from your life right now.

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