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Astrological news this week: Mostly mild with a hint of Saturn

Astrological update for the week of June 6-13, 2022.

art by Emily Kell

Saturn turned retrograde on Saturday which happens to be Saturn’s own day. Saturn of course is the planet of restriction and hard work, but his gift is in the rewards that come as a result. Any planet when changing direction has a more intensely powerful impact, especially if it is affecting your chart in a more personal way and when that planet is Saturn there is more pressure to take a realistic view of our world. Saturn will tend to kick our behinds if we are living in a fantasy land so when Saturn is stationary in the sky as it is right now, barely moving, it wants our attention.

There are a number of planets at 25-26 degrees right now – Saturn is at 25 Aquarius square to Mercury at 26 Taurus, further demanding a serious mind and attention to all matters of communication. Saturn is in an awkward semi-sextile to mystical Neptune, further emphasizing the idea that too much fantasy or idealization (Neptune) will not have a good outcome. Fortunately we have two of the personal planets in earthy Taurus (Mercury and Venus) to help us to ground and center.

Otherwise the planetary activity is fairly mild, with no major outer planet alignments at all during the month of June. In fact, there are no other outer planet aspects for the rest of the year. It’s the outer planets which apply the most pressure in longer lasting cycles, and when those influences are absent we become more aware of the more subtle influences of the faster moving planets and the Moon. That doesn’t mean you won’t personally be affected if […]

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Astrological news this week: Gemini New Moon & a change of direction

Astrological update for the week of May 30 –  June 5, 2022

art by Paula Bella Flores

A New Moon in Gemini, the sign of communication and experiences, offers an opportunity for a new perspective. The ruler of the New Moon is Mercury, the messenger planet, adding to the focus on communication and adaptation. In mythology, Mercury was the only god who was able to travel back and forth to the Underworld, facilitating communication between the gods. Mercury-ruled Gemini teaches us to accept and integrate a wide variety of ideas different kinds of experiences; under its influence everything is considered to have value for its own sake, and there is a keen desire to learn about many things. The Gemini New Moon is the perfect time to set aside our prejudices and look at our world through new eyes.

Making this a little more difficult is the fact that currently Mercury is in Taurus, a fixed sign which does not adapt easily to new situations, and Mercury is retrograde where we are looking more at the past than into the future. There may be some situations that need to be wrapped up before these new eyes can see clearly, especially since Mercury is within range of a square to Saturn which begin in late April before Mercury turned retrograde. Saturn tends to put the kibosh on new ideas, especially if they are half baked, so this is an important time to consider all details before venturing head-first into a new adventure.

The conjunction of Mars (action) to Jupiter (confidence) which dominated the astrology last week is still in effect and can encourage just that kind of head-first impulsivity so care should be taken. Mars and Jupiter […]

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Belated astrological update for January 26-30, 2022: Mercury rx into Capricorn and Venus turns direct

artist unknown


Sorry for the delay of this post – I was out of town and overestimated my ability to post while on vacation. Here are a few important things to know about the astrology of the week:

Venus turns direct in the wee hours of the morning (EST) on January 29th after its retrograde travel, which means it’s stationary in the skies right now. This Venus retrograde cycle has not been kind to the financial markets which are ruled by Venus, especially with the conjunction from Venus to Pluto, but hopefully that will begin to change as Venus picks up speed again and finishes her journey through Capricorn.  (Venus does make one final conjunction to Pluto on March 3rd and Mars will be involved in that drama as well but we have time to prepare for that!)

Mercury has retrograded back into Capricorn now, and with Mars newly in Capricorn we are back to six planets in Saturn-ruled signs (four in Capricorn and two in Aquarius). When we are in the realm of Saturn responsibility and discipline are of critical importance.  We might be tempted to let Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces lull us into a sense that everything is beautiful in its own way (hmmm, I hear a song coming on!!) – but Saturn-ruled signs require more of a feet-on-the-ground approach.  Capricorn is solely ruled by Capricorn and is the fullest expression of the Saturnian pressure to succeed through hard work and focused goals, whereas Aquarius is affected by the transformational rulership of Uranus which retains the Saturnian seriousness and drive, but adds a Uranian layer that inspires us to break out of ruts that offer no way to change and evolve.

In any case, Saturn is the boss […]

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6.2.21 – When healing energies collide with volcanic eruptions

art by Burgandy Viscosi

It will be interesting to hear from you all how the next few days unfold.  Mars is in Cancer where it can be cranky – Mars needs some fire or air to be able to clearly express needs and desires, and in Cancer it can get bogged down in emotions.  There is virtually no fire in the skies right now other than Chiron in Aries which is bringing out any wounds relating to an inability to meet our longings.  On top of this, Mars forms a challenging square to Eris (planet of discord) today so we can expect the unexpected.  We have been watching the unfolding drama of the Icelandic volcano over the past week, and this slow slide of burning lava is really resonating with the current astrological picture!

On the other hand, today the Gemini Sun, curious and open-minded, harmonizes with Chiron to facilitate an easier emergence of understanding that can help to heal any wounds that may arise.  Today is a good day to engage the intellect and to find a therapeutic connection in our communication with others. The Pisces Moon encourages us to seek a peaceful middle ground, the harmonious center in which we can most clearly see the best way forward. ❤️

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6.1.21 – Healing waters of the Pisces Moon today

art by Amanda Clark

With the Moon having just entered dreamy Pisces, and conjunct Jupiter this morning, the potential for expansion and idealistic optimism is unlimited.  Jupiter is after all the traditional ruler of Pisces and helps with the process of releasing limitations and negativity.  Today is a wonderful day for anything creative, to imagine and plan with an abundant perspective.  Meanwhile, the energies are building for a harmonious sextile from the Gemini Sun to Chiron in Aries to facilitate healing and understanding.  The Chironic process of healing old wounds opens the door to enhanced wisdom and a desire to help others as well.

Meanwhile, all week we have an opposition (stressful aspect) building between Mars and Pluto.  This aspect won’t culminate until June 5th, but the energies are aligned now and will continue to intensify throughout the week.  Mars represents the Will and desire on the level of the individual, and Pluto represents the Will of the higher self – the constant pressure from the soul to grow and evolve.  When our individual Will is aligned with this higher goal, the power of creation is infinite!  But until then, the intensity of Mars and Pluto in a stressful aspect can bring out both the best and the worst in us.  Watch for power struggles and try to do what you can to express that Mars in constructive ways without letting it build up into a volcanic eruption. 😃❤️😃

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