4.13.21 – Use today’s pure fire for inspiration and purpose

art by Laurie Bain

Today we have a planetary dance of unadulterated fire to burn off any lingering negativity or behavior patterns which create disturbances for us. The Sun, brilliant in its pure radiance, is in the sign of Aries – the sign of pure and original fire.  A cardinal sign, Aries is a sign of action and intent. During the month that the sign is in Aries, the impetus for action becomes more finely honed and less disturbed by extraneous impulses.

Today the Aries Sun forms a sextile to Mars, the fire planet.  Mars inspires action and desire – it offers the inspiration to fuel the activation of our goals and wishes, and provides the physical energy for us to make things happen.  Mars gets a bad rap in traditional astrology, but the proper use of its energies is critical for our wellbeing.  Meanwhile the Taurus Moon helps us to find a sense of rootedness and comfort as we explore the depth of our passions today. ❤️

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