Sun sextile Uranus

Planetary news: Preparation for the Great Metamorphosis begins

Astrological update for the week of February 27 – March 6, 2023

art by Bruce Rolff

A changing world is coming. You may already be aware of the planetary transitions coming up over the next few years with all of the outer planets changing signs, and if not you can catch up here. The world is changing, and we humans are having to adapt to new realities. Change is exciting for those of us with lots of fire and air, and more difficult for we earth and water people for whom security and tradition are more important. But we will all be learning flexibility over the next few years under these changing planetary conditions.

In March we will get a taste of what these transitions will bring when seven (SEVEN!!) planets change signs, and these subtle shifts will help us to prepare for what is to come. Planets changing signs shift our attention from one zodiacal influence to another, bringing new influences to color our experiences and help us to grow and evolve.

I’ll be posting more tomorrow about the details of the changes coming up in March, but this week the first of those seven planets will change signs when Mercury enters Pisces on March 2nd. Mercury changes signs every three weeks so this is not that big a deal, but Mercury will be joined by Saturn next week and then the dominos begin to fall. The shift of Mercury into Pisces will bring with it an increased need for a more gentle approach to life; one which allows for greater sensitivity and imagination.

This is a relatively quiet week astrologically so we have an opportunity to relax and envision how changing energies may […]

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Astrological news this week: A shift of planetary energies

Astrological update for the week of July 4-11, 2022.



Mars in Taurus. Mars leaves fiery Aries for placid Taurus on July 5th and we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Things have been plenty hot with both Mars and Jupiter in Aries, along with Chiron to irritate the tender places in the soul with the hope of fostering healing and opening the heart. Under the influence of Taurus we are able to find our internal balance point and a renewed connection to the earthy things that bring pleasure and relief.

Mars will be in Taurus until August 20, so we have quite a while to enjoy the relaxation that this placement can bring. There are a couple of caveats though: First, it’s tempting with Mars in Taurus to want to smooth over rough edges and ignore danger signals that may arise when our lives are out of balance or confrontation is needed in order to maintain our inner peacefulness. Remember the bull who is peaceful in the pasture until the irritation becomes too great, and then an explosion of rage can ensue. Second, Mars provides motivation and physical energy, and this can be lacking when Mars is in Taurus. We may need to find other ways to motivate ourselves while Mars is in Taurus,

Very active Mercury. Mercury is the planet of adaptability, flexibility, gatherer and dispenser of information, curious and filled with a desire to learn and know things. Mercury opens the mind so all kinds of things can drop in, and encourages movement. Can’t sit still? Blame Mercury. Under Mercury’s influence we need to keep moving, keep learning, keep taking in new experiences in order to learn more about ourselves.

In […]

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7.5.21 – Release of stuck energy with the Sun sextile Uranus

Over the past few days we’ve had a powerful compression of planets in fixed signs conflicting with each other.  Saturn square Uranus of course, the story of 2021, but Mars in Leo has been involved in that dance as well which has inflamed and activated any tension.  There is a force now for change – the release of the past for the sake of the new – under Uranus which is conflicting with Saturn’s tendency to hold things back and delay until the timing is right.  Over the weekend the Taurus Moon entered the fray, conjoining Uranus for a general sense of disruption and squaring Saturn and Mars.  Planets in fixed signs don’t adapt well to conflict and there is often a tension which has to eventually burst.

Today we begin to release the pressure cooker of this drama in fixed signs!  The sensitive Cancer Sun harmonizes in a sextile to Uranus and activates new ideas and facilitates easing into a different way of feeling your way through your world.  This is a subtle influence compared with the bombs we’ve been dodging over the past week, but if we pay attention we will see the glimmer of light through the clouds that shows the way forward. ❤️

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