2.25.21 Venus enters Pisces today to soften the hard edges

artist unknown?

On the heels of the Aquarius stellium, with its focus on energetic awakening and brilliance, Venus brings her beauty and softness into the sign of Pisces where she can be showered with fairy dust and magic.  Venus will be in Pisces until March 21st, giving us a few weeks to elevate our interactions with others and find true meaningful connection. This is a very romantic and idealized time and Venus is exalted in Pisces where she inspires us to connect from the deepest heart.  With Venus in Pisces life is a little more beautiful and a little more harmonious. Compassion (Pisces) between people (Venus) is another hallmark of the Venus/Pisces experience. With Venus entering Pisces, the electrical energy of the past couple of Uranian weeks will begin to smooth out the hard edges.

A harmonious sextile from the Pisces Sun to Uranus in Taurus today to excite us with new possibilities and an abundance of creative inspiration.  Three planets are in Pisces right now, encouraging the artist and mystic within all of us.  Awakened by the Aquarius stellium, we have an opportunity now to design our lives with a potent magic and intelligence.

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