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Astrological update for the week of November 15, 2021: An eclipse and an energetic crescendo!

artist unknown

Fasten your seatbelts, friends – this week we have a lunar eclipse in Taurus and an argument between the aggression of Mars, the warrior, and the radical influence of Uranus, the rebel.

The eclipse is a partial one and less powerful astrologically because the lunar nodes are in a different sign, an “out of sign” conjunction.  It’s the conjunction from the lunar nodes of fate, marking the gateways from past to future, that makes a lunation an eclipse and an out of sign conjunction is weaker and has less effect.  But what will make this eclipse a stronger influence is the fact that it is, according to NASA,  the longest of the century – lasting for three and a half hours.  The midpoint of the eclipse occurs at the exact time of the lunation (the opposition between Sun and Moon) which occurs at 3:57 am EST on Friday November 19th.

I will feature a more in-depth article about the eclipse in the next few days, but it’s something to consider when planning out your week.

In addition, if you read last week’s forecast you may remember that Mercury and Mars activated the square from Saturn to Uranus that is the story of 2021: Control vs Liberation.  Society vs Independence.  Mars is an active force, and when it triggers a planetary combination it can serve as a force for change that is more powerful than its influence is normally when acting solo.  Last week Mars squared Saturn, and this week it opposes Uranus.  We can expect more rebellion and perhaps some reckless behavior this week, but there is also an energetic factor with Uranus that can awaken us to new realms of possibilities which may have never considered before.  These […]

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5.21.21 – Moderation required with Sun square Jupiter and a Virgo Moon

art by Christian Schloe

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and the desire of humans to find meaning in life, and in a square aspect involving Jupiter we tend to see complacency and excess along with an overinflated sense of one’s own importance.  Confidence is a wonderful thing, and Jupiter bestows on us an idea of our best selves, but we have to know when to slow down and learn our own limits.

Today the Gemini Sun, full of ideas and conversation with a tendency towards business, forms a square to Jupiter in Pisces.  In Pisces, one of the signs it rules and is comfortable in, Jupiter seeks a more expanded view of our universe and a world without boundaries.  Today, however, the Virgo Moon says “Not so fast!”  Virgo needs more structures and a sense of limits, so we will need to balance our yearning for freedom with a reality check.  It’s a good day for daydreams and big plans, but let’s temper them with a touch of careful planning! 👍🏼

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