This week’s astrological update: Leo Full Moon, and get ready for Mercury retrograde

This week’s video dives into the meaning of Leo generally, and especially under the Leo Full Moon this week.  There’s also some tips about Mercury retrograde, and you can also check out this Mercury retrograde deep dive here.  And of course, a review of the week ahead to help you with your planning. As always, the transcript is below.



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Hey everybody, its Lynn Hayes here. Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new, I’m glad you joined me here today.

There was a couple of big things that we have to talk about before we get into the astrology for the week ahead. The first thing I’d like to talk about is the fact that Mercury will be turning retrograde on January 30. Most astrologers agree that there is sort of a shadow period or a build up period before Mercury actually turns retrograde. But there’s a lot of disagreement about what that shadow actually is. And I made a video which I’ll link in the description box about the details of how that works. And if you’d like to do a little deep dive into Mercury Retrograde, I invite you to do that.

In my opinion, the build-up to Mercury Retrograde actually begins when Mercury starts to slow down. Mercury normally travels about two degrees a day and in its lead up to the retrograde turn it begins to appear to slow down. Of course, planets don’t really move backwards as we know, but sometimes they appear to be traveling in […]

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