3.5.21 Sun square the lunar nodes and a choice is made

art by Modus Niterói

The nodes of the Moon are the points at which the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon intersect.  The ascending or North Node describes the route to our highest goals, and the descending or South Node represents that which is familiar and comfortable but may hold us back.  As many of you already know, a conjunction between the Sun and Moon and the lunar nodes is instrumental in an eclipse.  There is a sense of something which is fated coming to fruition – an awakening of some sort, or the unmasking of a deception or delusion.

Today we have the last quarter Moon: the waning square aspect from the Moon to the Sun. This is the final quarter before the New Moon: a time when we are closing out a chapter to prepare for a new one.  And today the lunar nodes are involved, with the Pisces Sun in a challenging square to the nodes and the Sagittarius Moon conjunct the South. Node of the past.  We may find that we can no longer remain on the fence of a decision or a choice or the choice will be made for us.  We may awaken to a realization of something that needs to shift.  We may not notice anything until weeks have gone by and we realize that THIS was the day it all changed.  In any case, it’s a good day to create an intention for discernment and awareness so that if that choice is required, we can see clearly! ❤️

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