Sun square Saturn

Astrological update for the week of October 25-November 1, 2021

Sorry for the tardiness of this post!  I was traveling yesterday for nearly 24 hours and overestimated my ability to post from airports using my ipad.

I took this photo in the Doge’s Palace in Venice.  This is not a clock but rather a marking of the Sun through the zodiac. It fascinates me that the highly religious Catholics of the time made such a prominent point of the astrological symbolism! (The needle seems to be stuck at Pisces since every photo of this clock has the needle in the same place.)

The astrology last week was pretty intense, what with the Aries Full Moon opposing Mars, squaring Pluto and conjunct Eris.  I hope you survived it and were able to harness all of that power and use it for good. 😊

This week we have a bit of a break, with mostly lunar aspects.  Retrograde season is over and the world is rushing ahead at breakneck speed in an effort to catch up from the tidal reversal over the past couple of months.  Currently only Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are retrograde which is a relatively small number of retrograde planets.

The biggest news of the week is Mars entering Scorpio on October 30th.  This is kind of symbolic because that is the day before Halloween, All Hallows Eve, which is the quintessence of Scorpio season. Conquering our fear of death. Transcending boundaries of alternate realities. Embracing darkness.  While Mars is in Scorpio it will translate the ever tightening final square between Saturn and Uranus and likely inflame the conflict over control for the sake of public health (Saturn) versus the freedom and personal liberty of making one’s own choices (Uranus).  This Mars-y influence will peak the […]

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5.3.21 – Prepare for an explosion of brainpower today! 🤓

art by Daniela Zekina

The skies are flooded with energies from the mental realm today.  We have a strong square aspect from Mercury in Taurus to Jupiter in Aquarius, a stubborn combination of fixed ideas and the potential for everyone to want to be right.  Watch for arguments and disagreements, as well as a heightened level of conversation generally under that Jupiterian expansion.   The Moon is in Aquarius today, facilitating a rational perspective using the powers of reason.  However, that pesky Mars in Cancer suggests a rumbling of emotionality lurking beneath the surface, ready to emerge at a moment’s notice.

A square from the Sun in Taurus to Saturn in Aquarius could make taking action more difficult for a day or so.  There are a lot of ideas floating about with no real way to implement them.  Later today Mercury will enter its own sign of Gemini which will activate our curiosity and hunger to try new things, adding even more of the Air element into the equation.  When we spend too much time in our minds we can become very ungrounded, especially with these planetary energies today.  Taking some time today to take a few breaths and relax the nervous system is advisable! ❤️

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The astrology of Pete Buttigieg

Embed from Getty Images

Next in the list of profiles for the Road to 2020 series is Mayor Pete.  There’s something about Mayor Pete for everyone to relate to.  He’s smart (Harvard magna cum laude grad and Rhodes scholar), is conversant in seven languages, he’s a devout Christian, he’s a dedicated family man (married to his male partner so ok, maybe not everyone).  He’s being called a Millennial, but astrologically he is technically at the tail end of the Pluto in Libra generation, Gen X.  He plays guitar and piano.  He is arguably the most well-rounded candidate in recent memory.

We don’t have a birth time for Mayor Pete – his book quotes him as being born at night and and Astrotheme suggest a time of 9 pm, but I’m rather particular about birth times and if we don’t know it to be true I would prefer not to use it.  He was born at the very last degree of Capricorn, and his Moon at night, per his autobiography, would be in Sagittarius, the sign of optimism and faith.  This Sagittarius Moon would bestow the confidence that he would need to continue to pursue his goals.

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The 29th degree of the Sun is significant – rather than being on the cusp of the next sign, it actually marks the end of a process.  It is considered to be the weakest point of the cycle of a particular sign, and in fact there begins to be some bleed-through into the next sign since around age one the individual’s Sun will progress into that next sign for the following 30 years.  There is a sense with 29th degree people that they are completing a karmic assignment, for better or worse.

Buttigieg’s […]

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