Sun trine Jupiter

6.22.21 – La Fortuna smiles with the Cancer Sun trine Jupiter in Pisces!

Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, has tiptoed into in its own sign of Pisces where it can expand and amplify the sense of confidence and opportunity without any limitations.  It will remain in Pisces until it retrograde back into Aquarius on July 28th and during this time there is a thread of mysticism and transcendence through everything that we do.  Today the Sun shines its light in a harmonious trine to Jupiter and for a day or so we tend to be blessed with luck and good fortune.

Luck doesn’t always hit us over the head – sometimes we don’t even notice that things are going well and this is the real lesson of a fortunate planetary cycle such as this one. We also have a rather long lasting harmonious sextile from Saturn (structure) to Chiron (healing) that can help us to cycle through difficult situations with greater ease.  There is always potential risk in expansive cycles, even those that last for just a day or two like this one, that we might get carried away and feel overconfident. For example, the stock market went up 500 points today, and that is the power of optimism. 😃

Friends, I am traveling until July 1 and will not be posting every day during that time.  You can follow my adventures on Instagram if you like!

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Donald Trump astrological update: The “Will He Quit?” edition

Photo by Gage Skidmore

If you haven’t already done so, you will probably want to read my profile of Mr. Trump from last year here.  Please note that this post is for astrological interest only and is not intended to disparage.)

The presidency of Donald Trump is now well underway, and it has been an interesting one.  Mr. Trump recently admitted that being President is harder than he thought it would be. As I wrote in my earlier post, Mr. Trump’s chart has Mars in Leo right on the Leo ascendant, a powerful influence that reflects his need to shine in the spotlight and be admired..  Mars is the planet of aggression and independence – Mars does not like to be thwarted or regulated and neither does Mr. Trump.

We would expect someone with Trump’s supreme confidence to have a strong Jupiter component, and we see that Jupiter (planet of good luck and self-righteousness) in the 2nd house of money in a harmonious trine to the Sun.  This trine of Jupiter to the Sun tends to bestow a sense of having been chosen by the gods – there is a tendency towards luck and the kind of success that comes from an abundance of positive thinking.  His Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon helps to cement that super-confidence into a belief system that is virtually unshakeable.

However, there are no planets in earth elements in Trump’s birth chart which would help to ground him and give him a practical sense of moving through the world.  He is all fire and air – energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

One tool that astrologers use for forecasting is the progressed chart which shows how the individual is progressing through time.  In Trump’s progressed chart, the […]

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