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Planetary news this week: Entering the brave new world

Astrological update for the week of January 23-30, 2023

art by Jason Yenter

The Uranus factor. The influence of Uranus continues its dominance, having just turned direct and remaining stationary until mid-March. Stationary planets exert a powerful impact as their energies are laser focused for a longer period of time. We just had the Uranus-ruled Aquarius New Moon which was a SuperMoon, at its closest point to Earth (perigee).  The co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, is itself in Aquarius where it shares the stage with the modern ruler Uranus.

Uranus is the innovator and paradigm buster; under its influence we are inspired or forced to break out of a situation or way of thinking which no longer works. As we continue the march into the changes of the decade, the world we knew will continue to fall away. This offers an opportunity for creative innovation in the rebuilding of the world, and of our own personal lives as well.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store for us this week. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday January 23. As the week begins we are still unwinding from the Aquarius New Moon, with the Moon still in Aquarius for the first part of the day. All of that sparkly electrical charge begins to settle down just after midnight on Monday, and then when the Moon enters Pisces at 12:35 pm EST it becomes easier to find a harmonic flow through which to direct our thoughts and actions. (Moon conjunct Saturn 4:24 am, Moon conjunct Venus 5:19 am, Moon enters Pisces 12:35 pm.)

Tuesday January 24. Today is […]

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12.11.20 A voice from the past is calling…eclipse preview

art by Charles Frizzell

Today we have a harmonious trine from the Sagittarius Sun to Mars in Aries, firing up our sense of confidence and activating our passion to create and inspire. There is an enhanced freedom of action with this pairing, and an ability to burst out of any boxes we may have put ourselves in under the triple conjunction in Capricorn that we’ve had all year.

The Sun is aligned with the South Node in preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse (watch for my article on this later today).  With the South Node signifying negative patterns and the things that hold us back, the illumination of the Sun reveals these old voices and helps us to let go a little more fully.  This noble effort is aided by that Mars trine, which activates the South Node as well.  The past is calling, but we have to let go in order to grow and evolve into a more enlightened future.

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12.10.20 Today is a day for action and manifestation with the Sun trine Mars

art by Manusia on Deviant Art

The Sagittarius Sun trines Mars in Aries today for a double whammy of pure fire.  Fire is the element of inspiration and action – it motivates and purifies, and for a day or two we have this lovely fiery combination to provide the fuel for our desires, hopes and wishes. Mars is edging back to one final challenging square to the Capricorn planets (culminating around the 22nd of December) but for now we can enjoy the pure energy and transformative potential of Mars in Aries, its purest form, harmonizing with the Sun which provides its radiant light to support all life.

A harmonious sextile from Venus in Scorpio to the Capricorn planets (beginning with Pluto today and continuing until the 15th) is supportive of taking us deeper into more truthful connections with those around us.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars traditionally so there is an echo here of the courage and will to action that Mars inspires, and Pluto is the transformational ruler of Scorpio so there are lots of juicy connections here to bring in a depth and richness of experience over the next day or two.

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