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Astrological update for the week of November 8, 2021: Mars and the cycle of change

As you may know, I’ve been calling the square from Saturn to Uranus the story of 2021 – the pressures between control for the sake of society (Saturn) versus the rebellion and radical motivations of Uranus.  There is no more vivid representation of the Saturn/Uranus square than the global battle over masking and vaccinations during this pandemic and the extreme path which this debate has taken.

Saturn and Uranus are five degrees apart from an exact square, but the aspect is tightening over the next month until it culminates in mid-December.  Every time a faster-moving planetary body activates Saturn or Uranus, the themes of the square are also activated even if it’s the Moon which lasts just a few hours.  This week Mercury (mind and communication) aligns with Mars (aggression and motivation), and both planets will ignite the Saturn/Uranus dynamic.  Expect the themes of rebellion and domination to be more pronounced, and with Mars in Scorpio the power of passion will be intensified.

In other words, duck.  Try not to inflame already heated situations if you can help it. If you can, speak your truth with conscious intention and the light of awareness, without seeking blame or needing to win (both Scorpio themes).  This is not a good week for difficult conversations or confrontation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen so be prepared. We often can’t avoid situations that emerge in challenging planetary times because these times are meant to promote personal and global evolution.

Here’s the forecast for the week.  Dates and times are given for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality. ❤️

art by Keith Malett

Monday November 8.  The planets are relatively quiet on Monday and […]

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7.14.21 – Get in tune with your intuition under the Sun trine Neptune

art by Rhiannon Logsdon

A harmonious trine will be building from the Sun to Neptune today, a glorious alignment to inspire the imagination, the spiritual senses, and creative flow.  The Sun is in Cancer, shining a light into our need for a place to call home and a tribe to be at home with.  Neptune is in Pisces, which it rules as a modern transformational planet, blurring the boundaries of reality to inspire us to transcend and merge with an experience that is more divine and blissful than the mundane routines of everyday life. Together, these forces provide us with a growing sense of one-ness and greater connection with our own divine inspiration.

Harmonizing today with Uranus and the Sun, the Moon is in Virgo today where it helps to ground all of this mystical divine-ness into a solid plan and helping to keep our feet solidly on the ground while the ascension takes place.  Late in the evening (EDT) the Virgo Moon will oppose Neptune which could cause some destabilization since Neptune’s mushy transcendence has no place in the Virgo realm of organization and details.  But by tomorrow early morning (EDT) when the Sun/Neptune alignment culminates the Moon will trine Pluto and once again serve to solidify our intentions and give a practical outlet to the creative energies.  Today and tomorrow are wonderful days for anything involving inspiration and creativity: the arts, writing, meditation, music, spending time at the ocean or in a bath. ❤️

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11.10.20 As the Jupiter/Pluto noose tightens, the Sun trines Neptune today

artist unknown

The big news of course is the very tight alignment between Jupiter (ideologies and beliefs) to Pluto (destruction and transformation). Under this influence, which began in April of 2020, we’ve seen political chaos over lockdowns and virus containment on top of other political issues thanks to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  The rise of Qanon has taken place under the auspices of Jupiter/Pluto.  In addition, Jupiter rules courts and the law, and this conjunction is certainly playing a role in how it appears that the US election will be ultimately decided by the courts.

But today, for a brief shining moment, the Scorpio Sun aligns in a harmonious trine to Neptune in its own Pisces, the planet which inspires creative inspiration.  For the next day or two we have the opportunity to see beyond the veil of illusion as the light of the Sun illuminates the innate wisdom offered by Neptune and penetrates the mists of baseless fantasies.  This is the perfect day to be creative – to set aside our worries if only for a day and allow the awakening to happen.


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