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Astrological news this week: SuperMoon in Sagittarius! And Mercury in Gemini

art by Betty Albert

Astrological update for the week of June 13-20, 2022

There is a lot going on here, and the bigger influences tend to outshine the lunar aspects so we will put those on hold this week. 

Sagittarius SuperMoon. This week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 14, 11:51 am EDT) is a SuperMoon (™ astrologer Richard Nolle), meaning it is closer to Earth than at other times. When planetary bodies are closer to Earth their influence is stronger, which is why Mercury retrograde periods are so critical for communication – that is the time when Mercury is closest to Earth.

Every Full Moon tends to amplify our feelings and emotional triggers, and the SuperMoon simply intensifies that tendency which is already at work. However, this Full Moon is in Sagittarius, with the Sun in Gemini – the two signs of knowledge and wisdom. There is a dearth of the water element in the sky right now, and water is the element through which we process feelings, intuition and emotion. This Full Moon encourages us to be curious (Gemini Sun) and seek a higher path to real knowledge (Sagittarius).  Under the Sagittarius Full Moon we know that growth and evolution is the goal, and that confidence is all we need to get there.

This Full Moon chart engages some powerful allies and teachers. Both the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon have a tendency to be ungrounded and can lack focus, but Saturn lends its grounding realism to the mix to aid in forging practical plans to achieve the sense of growth and peak experience that Sagittarius craves. That will be a big help since Neptune squares the lunation, however, tempting us into fantastic […]

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Astrological forecast for the week of September 27, 2021: Mercury retrograde and retrograde season


There’s a lot to talk about this week!  Grab a cuppa something and let’s dive in.

Mercury retrograde.  Mercury turns retrograde on September 27th, the day I am writing this, at which point we have  SIX retrograde planets, plus Chiron.  This is not as extreme as last year when every planet (seven) including Venus and Mars was retrograde for many weeks – Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will all turn direct in October and the undertow of retrograde energies will be on the wane.  But don’t be surprised if this month you find yourself feeling like it’s Groundhog Day all over again and be prepared to be in a near constant review of your life as you prepare for this new future.  Retrograde season has a purpose: it helps us to stay in the flow of life – like the ocean, there is an ebb as well as a flow and sometimes it is in the ebb where we find the most magic.

When Mercury is retrograde communication becomes more critical.  Mercury is closest to the Sun and currently it is locked in a square to Pluto, making communication not only more critical as it stations retrograde and is at a standstill, but in that standstill it is challenged by Pluto’s intense commitment to creative destruction and transformation.  The Truth will come out, and it’s not always pretty or comfortable.  But whenever Pluto is involved, that discomfort and unease virtually always evolves into powerful realizations and growth.

And now…the week ahead.  Days and times are given in EDT, please adjust for your own time zone. 

Monday, September 27.  As Mercury turns retrograde the Moon is in Mercury-ruled Gemini.  There is a lot to say, a lot to think, and […]

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6.3.21 – Watch for new possibilities under these harmonious aspects!

A harmonious trine from Venus to Jupiter, the two beneficial planets, is one of the luckiest aspects available to us and we get one today.  Venus trine Jupiter can bring opportunities of all kinds, and is generally harmonious for our relationships, our finances, and our general attitudes. We also have a harmonious trine from the Sun to Saturn which helps to bring stability and a refreshed ability to focus on the things that are important to us so that we can accomplish whatever we set our mind to. Unlike the difficult planetary conditions which affect us without any effort on our part, with any planetary aspect of good fortune we must be awake enough to take advantage of it.  When it’s cold outside we are uncomfortable enough to put on a jacket, but when the temperature is comfortable we don’t really pay attention and it’s the same with planetary weather!

These are both fast moving influences that last only a couple of days and remember in the midst of all of this is the second phase of the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus that is creating conflict and revealing fissures in areas of our lives that require change in order to better meet the pressures of the changing world.  Still, we can take advantage of the lovely planetary weather today to refresh ourselves with a new sense of abundance and possibilities. ❤️

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