Today’s Planetary News

We have a couple of interesting planetary configurations now that will last for a few more days.

One is a Grand Trine that includes the Sun in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Virgo that began a couple of days ago when all planets were at 1 degree. We are as close now to a trine as Saturn and Pluto will be until the year 2030, and this is a powerful trine that enables us to build structures (Saturn) that facilitate change and transformation (Pluto).

We are still seeing the effects of that as we move into today’s T-square involving an opposition between Mars in Cancer to Jupiter in Capricorn, both of which are square to Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries wants to approach relationships from a self-oriented perspective, and Mars in Cancer has a drive to express individuality through nurturing others. For the next few days there is a conflict here between those two modalities – how to maintain our independence in relationships while being sensitive to the needs of others. Jupiter’s effusiveness and occasional arrogance can get in the way here – it whispers in our ear and tells us that we can have anything we want. Perhaps it even encourages us to bait the enemy, as Condoleeza Rice did when she called al Sadr a coward.

Venus will have moved on in a day or so and will form a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Neptune which will help to smooth the interpersonal waters, but the Mars/Jupiter effect will last a bit longer, through the end of the week. There is more energy flying around than usual, but physical activity will help to keep that energy in check and make […]

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Void Moon Research Project

The first full day of the Void Moon Research Project was last Thursday April 17, when the Moon was void between 1:59 am EDT and 6:10 pm EDT. The Moon was finishing up in Scorpio where it aspects a T-square in my chart involving my Moon, so I thought that if I was susceptible to the Void Moon that would be a good time to test it. That day all of my plans went smoothly, although Friday was a different story. By Friday the Moon was firmly in Libra where it set off another big square in my chart to Uranus.

Comments to the initial void moon post yield a mixed result. There are some anecdotal reports of difficulties during the void moon, and just as many not. So far we have no conclusive information.

I will say that I did notice during the void Moon that I had a sense of relaxation and a desire to explore more fully my inner life, but that might just have been because I had a relatively relaxing day. So let’s try another round.

The next Void Moon is in Scorpio and occurs tomorrow, Tuesday April 22, at 12:47 am EDT and continues until 5:07 pm EDT when it enters Sagittarius. Please report on your experience in the comment section, and if you begin a project on Tuesday keep track of its progress so that you can determine later whether the Void Moon had any effect on its success.

Thanks for participating!

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Blogchronicity and the Void Moon Research Project

Sorry I haven’t been posting on my usual daily schedule, this week has been incredibly busy as transiting Mars begins to square my Libra stellium and transiting Pluto is racing back to embrace my little Capricorn Mars. Too much astrological information perhaps???

At any rate, Dharmaruci and I have evidently been a tag team as he posted on Tibet and Survivalism within a couple of days of my posts on these topics. I’m going to take a look at his chart of the Tibetan uprising and see what I can make of it. Meanwhile, he did write that the uprising evidently occurred during a Void Moon.

I’ve written several times of my disdain for the Void Moon, a disdain which is shared by many of my colleagues. However, many more of my colleagues embrace the concept and I am attempting to give it a second look using my trusty Planetary Guide from Llewellyn which is very easy to read. Unfortunately, though, I find that my life is too busy right now to really stop doing things when the moon is void of course (the period between the last lunar aspect to another planet and when it changes signs), and I also have not had time to evaluate the results of events in my life that occurred during the Void Moon. Adherents to the Void Moon theory report that events and projects begun while the moon is void do not come to fruition, that it is a good time for working with the unconscious but rather less beneficial for business or other ventures that are rooted in the material world.

I did notice that on Saturday when I went to the Raleigh Renaissance Faire to volunteer for the Network of Triangle Astrologers the […]

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Saturn and the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the nation of Tibet which has been under Chinese rule since the Chinese invasion in 1950. At the time, the fourteenth Dalai Lama, who was born Lhama Dondrub but whose official name is Tensin Gyatso, was fully instituted in his official position at the age of 15. He had been named the successor to the previous Dalai Lama at the age of two. By 1959 the Dalai Lama had been forced to flee his native Tibet for a life in India and has not been permitted to return.

The Dalai Lama’s birthchart shows that he has the Sun in Cancer, the sign of nurturing and protecting family and tribal affilliations, and his Sun sits prominently on the Ascendant of the chart. Such a prominent Sun indicates a powerful influence on others, but a watery Sun tends to manifest far less ego than a more fiery Sun would exhibit. People with a strong Cancerian influence tend to feel the burdens of the world in a very personal way that inspires action (Cancer is a Cardinal sign) to nurture and care for others. The Sun is part of a Grand Trine in water, accentuating the sensitivity and empathy of this individual. The Grand Trine is part of a Kite formation which ameliorates the natural tendencies of the Grand Trine towards weakness and lack of direction. The trine of the Sun to Jupiter provides a natural expansion of the ego to express itself through learning and teaching, and the incorporation of Saturn provides a stabilizing force that

His chart shows a conjunction of Pluto (power) to his South Node (the past), suggesting a past life of great power. […]

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Tsunami on the Sun

Thanks to Julie for bringing this to my attention:

Astronomers have captured the first footage of a solar “tsunami” hurtling through the Sun’s atmosphere at over a million kilometres per hour.

The event was captured by Nasa’s twin Stereo spacecraft designed to make 3D images of our parent star.

Naturally, this type of tsunami does not involve water; instead, it is a wave of pressure that travels across the Sun very fast.

In a solar tsunami, a huge explosion near the Sun, such as a coronal mass ejection or flare, causes a pressure pulse to propagate outwards in a circular pattern. …

“In half an hour, we saw the tsunami cover almost the full disc of the Sun, nearly a million kilometres away from the epicentre.”

Read more here…

New Scientist adds:

“The fact that this region of the Sun spewed out two major flares just a day apart “implies that there must have been some kind of tremendous energy buildup”, Balasubramaniam [of the National Solar Observator in Sunspot New Mexico] told New Scientist.

The buildup of energy is thought to be related to the twisting of the Sun’s magnetic field. Such a large buildup and release of energy on the Sun is a rare occurrence, and especially unusual around solar minimum, when the Sun is normally at its quietest.

Electromagnetic activity on the Sun has been known to cause disruptive effects on earth satellites and other devices, and the energy field surrounding the human body has an electromagnetic component which is tuned in to electrical waves that are all around us. Events like this are a fascinating way to look at the connection between the Sun’s energy and our own electrical fields.

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