The astrology of the Cumbria shooting and a word about twins

This mass murder occurred while we were still in England and it was very much in the news. This kind of murder spree almost never occurs there and was quite shocking. The shooter, Derrick Bird, first shot his twin brother and the family lawyer, and then went on to shoot a coworker and a string of anonymous strangers before killing himself. As so often happens, Bird was described as “a quiet and unassuming man,” “friendly and quiet.” So what made him snap in such a horrific manner?

Bird (October 8, 1957) had four planets in Libra: the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. We don’t know his time of birth so we cannot tell his ascendant which would provide more clues, but with three of his personal planets in Libra he was very much motivated towards peace and harmony between people. The conjunction of the Sun to Jupiter typically reveals a jovial and optimistic outlook, but that conjunction to Mars is troublesome as it brings a stronger drive and need for assertion of the aggressive instinct. Mars in Libra finds it difficult to express itself aggressively and is said to be in its detriment there. When our Mars cannnot find release, it becomes blocked and a deep rage can result.

This would have been exacerbated for Bird because he was born with the Moon in Aries in opposition to the Libra stellium (grouping of planets). The Aries Moon craves to be first – to be a leader, to be respected and honored. Aries also needs to be able to demand and receive satisfaction; simply said, they need to have their own way. The strong Libra component makes […]

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Introducing: The Jolie Pitt Twins!

Jolie-Pitt-twinsNow that we have a confirmed birth time thanks to my vigilant readers (6:27 pm) we can more accurately profile Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie Pitt, born on July 12 to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The birthchart for the twins shows that their Sun is in Cancer, within ten degrees of Venus (relationships) in Angelina’s chart which bodes well for a loving emotional connection between Angelina and the children. An opposition (180 degree angle) of the Sun to Jupiter suggests that they will be showered with good fortune (that’s a no-brainer!), and even though the opposition is an aspect that illustrates some tension with a happy planet like Jupiter the opposition usually brings little challenge to the individual except a tendency towards excess.
The twins have Sagittarius rising in the chart and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so Jupiter is a strong influence there. Jupiter rules expansion, opportunity, good fortune, and a desire to find meaning in life so these things will be very strong for the twins. However, Jupiter in the chart is retrograde, which suggests that they may find it difficult to recognize the possibilities and benefits (Jupiter) that they are given.
Emotionally, they could be very intense and moody since they not only have the Sun and Mercury (mental processes and communication) in Cancer, which is the sign of moods and sensitivity, but their Moon (emotional nature) is in Scorpio which denotes an intensity of emotion that is not shared by Angelina and her Aries Moon.
They may more easily connect on an emotional level with Brad since his Moon and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn and nearly exactly sextile the Moon in the twins’ chart. Because they were apparently born within one minute of each other their charts […]
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Mary Kate and the Astrology of Twins

Mary Kate Olsen has been hospitalized with a kidney infection at the tender age of 21.

The astrology of twins is a fascinating subject, because the psychological issues and conflicts that we all carry within us are usually split between the two twins. Although Mary Kate and Ashley have the same birthdate and essentially the same birthchart, they are quite different which we would expect from fraternal (not identical) twins. But rather than disprove astrology, the difference between them can actually be seen in their birthchart.

The chart of the twins shows the Sun in the sign of the twins – Gemini. Gemini is a natural actor and tends to enjoy taking on roles of all kinds. The twins’ Sun is squared by Jupiter, revealing a confidence and almost reckless nature. The Sun and Jupiter are also aspected by the planet Uranus which reveals their independence and rebellious nature, but they also have the Moon in conservative Virgo.

The Moon in Virgo is much more serious and dislikes the role playing that Gemini is involved in. The Virgo Moon does not like to take the risks that the Sun/Uranus personality does, but prefers to live a life that is more circumspect and geared towards one’s security. To complicate matters even more, their Virgo moon is squared by Saturn, the “celestial taskmaster.” The Virgo Moon squared by Saturn shows an individual with a serious nature who feels that they have to work harder than anyone else in order to have a place at the table.

Without going into a lot of geeky astrological detail, we see two very basic personality types here: the radical bohemian actress who slips in and out of characters and lifestyles and the cautious, security-oriented type who is a hard working […]

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