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Astrological update for the week of January 17 2022: Cancer Full Moon and Aquarius Season begins


This week we have Mercury retrograde, having just changed direction, so I hope you all are being careful with your communication and reading instructions carefully.  😃  Venus is retrograde also, and you may be thinking more about people from the past who you’ve lost touch with, or repairing broken relationships. We also have Uranus changing direction this week, turning direct after about six months of retrogradation, meaning all of that impetus for change and authenticity will begin to find a route of action.  Three planets retrograde is about average – we need that slight pull to the past in order to stay in balance – but when planets change direction like Uranus will this week they do demand more of our attention. What in our lives isn’t really working, what tweaks or major adjustments need to be made? You may be pressed to do something about it this week.

The lunar nodes change signs every eighteen months or so, and they shift to the Taurus/Scorpio axis this week (read more about that here). I like to think of the nodes traveling backwards through the zodiac, helping us to clean up past karma and be released from the past as we continue to grow and evolve. For the next eighteen months this axis of power in fixed signs will help us to find balance between the intensity and passion of Scorpio and the need for serenity and peacefulness of Taurus.  Both are fixed signs: stubborn and powerful, with a tendency towards rigidity and difficulty letting go. This can lead to some conflict, and those of us who are conflict-averse may find this more of a challenge but it will help us to become more fully empowered and authentic.

Finally, […]

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Astrological forecast for the week of January 10, 2022: Mercury retrograde and a Plutonic Full Moon


art by Agnieszka Szalabska

This week we actually have two planets changing direction: Mercury will turn retrograde on January 14th, and Uranus turns direct January 18th after being retrograde for the past six months or so. Mercury and Uranus are related symbolically as they both are involved in processes of the intellect: Mercury rules the small mind – the day to day thoughts and information that filter through our intelligence and inform our world, and Uranus is associated with the higher mind which translates information from multilevel dimensions of consciousness (intuition and insight, the “aha” moment).  Uranus of course is a much slower moving planet than Mercury, so its movements take much longer and it has been stationary for the past couple of months in preparation for this change of direction whereas Mercury has been stationary for the past few days.

When planets appear to be stationary their influence is more potent, especially if that planet is forming an angle to a planet in our chart. In any case, this is a week in which the processing of information is critical: communication, learning, thoughts, mechanical equipment – all of these things are under focus right now. Under the influence of Uranus which demands change from old paradigms we may be chafing while in yet another quarantine, but we may also be blessed with inventive ideas for how to change our world to better adapt to the current situation. Under the influence of Mercury stationing as it turns retrograde we may find ourselves stuck in a problem for which we can see no escape, and in that case the Uranian brilliance can help us to suddenly discover the solution.

Venus is still retrograde of course, and clients are […]

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1.14.21 Uranus turns direct! No retrogrades for two weeks

artsy50 on Deviant Art

Last year we had 5-7 planets in retrograde motion for virtually the whole summer and into the fall. Uranus is the last of those planets to turn direct.  Uranus rules radical changes, disruption, electricity, multidimensional awareness and higher consciousness.  When a planet changes direction it makes a station – it is virtually stationary as it shifts course.  Uranus hasn’t traveled more than a degree in about a month, and it will continue to be stationary for a few weeks after it turns direct today.  Any big change which has been in the works will be able to gain traction and manifest more easily.

A planet making a station is at its most powerful in terms of potency. Departure from the status quo – radical behavior and a fearless embrace of the new is a hallmark of the Uranus station which happens approximately twice every year.  Jupiter (expansion) is in a tight challenging square to Uranus all this week, culminating on the 17th which will amplify this sense of breaking up old rules and regulations which will no longer work in the Brave New World.  The Moon is in Aquarius and since the modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, that is a nice fit.  The Aquarius Moon inspires us towards a broader perspective and a certain amount of detachment which can help us to make more sense of the disruption that we see all around us. ❤️

I chose this painting of an owl because the owl represents otherworldly wisdom.  In this image the owl is scrying into a globe that appears to be the Earth. 

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Astrological insights for the week of August 10, 2020! Uranus turns direct, and we learn to master Mars

It’s going to be an interesting week!  Uranus is stationary for most of the most and turns direct next week, so surprising events are imminent.  And if you’ve been following my Facebook posts you already know that Mars is really teaching us how to live with courage and face our own inner demons. As always I encourage you to watch the video as I’m putting little movies and graphics of the planetary movements into the videos to help make it all easier to understand.  But I know lots of you like to read, so there’s a roughly edited transcript below.  ❤️❤️


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Transcript (please note that dates and times are given for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality)

Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel and to another edition of what are the planets doing this week? And what can we do about them. I really welcome you here. If you like these videos, please hit the subscribe button and click the bell to be notified of new videos.

I’d like to start by talking about one of the outer planets that’s having an impact on us this month. We’re talking about Uranus people call it Uranus. Most astrologers don’t like to for obvious reasons. Some people call it Uranus. All of these names are appropriate. Uranus is the planet that inspires radical change. It inspires us to break out of the status quo to break out of a rut that may not fit us anymore. Uranus is an outer planet, so it’s more of a transformational force. […]

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Planetary news this week, January 7, 2019

This week, while we are coming off the influence of the solar eclipse at the Capricorn New Moon, Uranus is at a standstill in the sky as it prepares to change direction.  In its role as the instigator of radical change and transmission of information from the higher mind, Uranus helps to expand our consciousness as it inspires us to break out of routines that keep us stuck in our day to day ruts.

When any planet prepares to appear to change direction (of course we all know that planets don’t really change direction, they just seem to from our vantage point on Earth) it slows down, just as a car does before making a U-turn.  At these times that planet’s influence is more intense than usual, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to break out of a routine or someplace you feel stuck over the next week since Uranus turned direct on the 6th.

Venus enters Sagittarius today (January 7) which will be nice for our relationships and our general sense of well-being.  While in Sagittarius for a few weeks, Venus will encourage us to socialize more and enjoy having fun with the people around us.  There will be less emphasis on confrontation and processing hard stuff, and more of a focus on sharing ideas and just enjoying each other.

Venus is associated with the monetary system, and while Venus is in Sagittarius, especially since Uranus has turned direct, we may see the globalize financial situation stabilize for a few weeks as the principle of confidence under Venus in Sagittarius offsets the heavy solidity of the Capricorn stellium at the eclipse.

Still, the challenging square from Jupiter (optimism) to Neptune (delusion) that culminates on January 13th is […]

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