Uranus retrograde

Planetary news this week: Virgo season, Pisces Full Moon, much more!

Astrological update for the week of August 21-18, 2023

There’s a lot to unpack this week! Grab a coffee or cup of tea and let’s get cracking.

Sun enters Virgo August 23. The Sun’s entry into Virgo technically marks the beginning of Virgo season, but with Mercury and Mars already in Virgo the focus on order and the world of the mundane is already well underway. The shift from Leo to Virgo will help to soothe some of the fiery energies that have been flying around lately – the only planet left in fire will be Venus in Leo. Since Venus is retrograde, though, some of that fire will be muted as Venus looks back to the past in order to revise and recreate our values and passions. In Virgo season (in the northern hemisphere) the days may begin to cool somewhat, symbolizing the passage from the heat of Leo to the cool deliberation of Virgo.

Mercury turns retrograde August 23. Speaking of Virgo, Mercury has been in Virgo since July 28 and thanks to the retrograde cycle it will remain in Virgo until October 4. Virgo is one of the signs ruled by Mercury meaning it is at home in Virgo where our mental data processing can be done purposefully and efficiently.  Mercury is an air planet but is quite at home in Virgo, an earth sign, where our ideas have a practical application. With Mercury in Virgo the flood of ideas and chatter that we sometimes see with Mercury in Gemini can be assembled into a cohesive picture in the pursuit of perfection.

By now most people know that when Mercury is retrograde communication and information processing becomes more important. Mercury is at its closest point to Earth […]

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Astrological news this week: Mars enters Gemini and the Uranus station

Astrological update for the week of August 15-22, 2022

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What is the Uranus station? Every planet appears to travel retrograde at some time or another – the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde for about half the year. Saturn and Jupiter turn retrograde about once a year. Mars turns retrograde about every two years, Venus about every eighteen months, and Mercury about every three months. Obviously planets don’t really travel retrograde, but geocentric astrology observes the motion of the planets from Earth and we interpret the symbolism of this motion.

These cycles of normal movement alternating with retrogrades are like the ebb and flow of the ocean, and once we learn to let go to the flow of retrograde cycles they feel as natural as standing in the waves. When planets are in their normal orbital speed they are doing business as usual, and when their motion appears to be retrograde they are operating at a more personal level, and sometimes inspiring us to go back to review patterns of the past.

When a planet appears to change direction it will seem to stand still, remaining at the same degree of a sign for a period of days, weeks or sometimes even months. On August 24th, Uranus will turn retrograde at nearly 19 degrees of Taurus and will travel less than a degree until October, meaning the influence of Uranus to awaken and challenge our existing paradigms will be at its most powerful. Uranus has been within a degree of that point since June.

Those of us (me!) who have planets between about 15 and 23 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) will be most affected as Uranus forces us to break […]

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Sunday Inspiration: Take the perspective of an eagle for a broader view

Susan Seddon Boulet

What a time we are living in!  And this week is particularly powerful: a Full Moon at the 29th degree of Aquarius, the modern ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) stationary in the sky having just turned retrograde.  Under the modern rulership of Uranus, the Aquarian energy opens up portals of energy and make it difficult to sleep.  Uranus is known as the Awakener, and sometimes we have to take that quite literally!  So today I offer you this piece of wisdom as we take the leap over the chasm of transition. ❤️

This moment humanity is experiencing can be seen as a door or a hole. The decision to fall in the hole or walk through the door is up to you. If you consume the news 24 hours a day, with negative energy, constantly nervous, with pessimism, you will fall into this hole. But if you take the opportunity to look at yourself, to rethink life and death, to take care of yourself and others, then you will walk through the portal.

Take care of your home, take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual home. When you take care of yourself, you take care of everyone at the same time.

Do not underestimate the spiritual dimension of this crisis. Take the perspective of an eagle that sees everything from above with a broader view. There is a social question in this crisis, but also a spiritual question. The two go hand in hand.  Without the social dimension we fall into fanaticism. Without the spiritual dimension, we fall into pessimism and futility.

Are you ready to face this crisis? Grab your toolbox and use all the tools at your disposal.

Learn resistance from the […]

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Astrological forecast for the week of August 16, 2021: Retrograde season and a Full Moon

There is a lot going on this week, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get started!

Retrograde season. This week Uranus turns retrograde, but it has been virtually stationary at 14 degrees Taurus for six weeks.  When a planet prepares for a direction change it appears to be at a standstill, just like a car that is making a U-turn.  At that time its influence can be the most potent, especially if it is hitting a sensitive point in your chart (anywhere from 10-20 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius).

With Uranus turning retrograde we will have four major planets retrograde plus Chiron, for a total of five.  That is on the high side of normal and nowhere close to the retrograde energies of 2020 when every planet which could turn retrograde WAS retrograde.  Still, in September Mercury will turn retrograde and then there will be six so we are definitely in retrograde season.  This means that life will not progress at the pace which we strive for, and there may be a lot of looking in the rear view mirror to see where mistakes were made, and having to make those repairs before we can look ahead once again.  Meanwhile the Uranian influence is powerful – revolution, reaction, breaking free of restraints and regulations – all of these energies are deep at work to rip away the trappings of the old age as we go hurtling into the new one.

Venus enters Libra.  Venus enters its own sign of Libra just after midnight on August 16.  Venus is most at home in Libra, and for the next few weeks harmony and a peaceful experience will be of paramount importance.  Venus craves […]

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Sunday inspiration for Uranus turning retrograde

Uranus is the planet that encourages us to let go of the old, the stale, the familiar worn out habits which no longer serve us.  Instead, Uranus urges, be you! Be the unique and wonderful creature that sets you apart. Go ahead and dance to the beat of a different drum.  Wear purple and wear a red hat – whatever it is that encourages your individuality and liberation from the expectations of others and the outworn routines of daily life.  Uranus urges, WAKE UP!!

I recently discovered this wonderful poet Alexandra Elle, and I love this list that she put together on her Instagram page.  I think it’s the perfect guide for the change and liberation that is the story of 2021 with the Saturn/Uranus square, marked by this weeks change of direction of Uranus itself which brings that planet closer to us and with a much louder megaphone for change. 

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