Venus conjunct Mars

Astrological news this week: A war with no retrogrades and a Pisces New Moon


February 28 through March 7, 2022.  Maybe the US threatening a short dictator with Scorpio rising and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven that his country would suffer untold destruction, under a Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction, wasn’t the best idea. Especially with Pluto exactly conjunct US Pluto on February 22nd. Sometimes we wish astrology didn’t work quite so well.

Anyway. It’s difficult to predict what will happen, although plenty of people will try. So in the meantime let’s try to change the things we can and not obsess over what we can’t, doomscrolling into the night like I’ve been doing! Let’s donate to the causes that will help the people of Ukraine like the highly rated  World Central Kitchen, feeding displaced people of which there are so many.

In the astrological news this week, we still have no planets in retrograde motion. This is a fairly unusual situation in which all planets are in direct motion so there is no going back and re-doing or re-evaluating – it’s full speed all the way. Under a condition such as this, throughout March and April, we want to think carefully about what we are planning and what actions we take since we will be on a train going in only one directly.

The Pisces New Moon on Wednesday March 2nd will be extra expansive under a conjunction to Jupiter. Under the sign of Pisces we tend to let go of some of the day to day details in favor of a yearning for an experience which is more meaningful – more relaxing, more creative. Imagination is heightened, a yearning for spiritual connection is intensified. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and its conjunction to the New Moon deepens the Piscean […]

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Astrological news this week: The Venus/Mars/Pluto triple shot

art by Jen Delyth

As astrological weather goes, the weather for this week is fairly mild. But just as a quick intense thunderstorm can stir up a lot of debris, the tightening vise of Venus, Mars and Pluto could wreak some havoc in our personal relationships. On the positive side (and you know I always like to present all possibilities for you!) this triple conjunction can have the effect of squeezing superficiality out of our interactions and replacing it with truth and empowerment. Maybe I’m just a contrarian (ok, I AM a contrarian), but sometimes the easy opportunity times are the ones that trap us with their glitz and glamor and cause us to be unprepared for the storm. The challenging planetary cycles build resilience and wisdom.

Anyway, this week is relatively peaceful overall – no lunar events, no outer planet alignments to confront our sense of reality. The Sun, newly in Pisces, joins Jupiter and Neptune (co-rulers of Pisces) for a festival of divine love, compassionate hearts, and boundless creativity. And the faster moving planetary alignments are harmonious and supportive. So the only potential challenge is the tightening of Venus, Mars and Pluto.  Venus and Mars have been a team (conjunct) for the past couple of weeks, inspiring us to better integrate the yin (Venus) with the yang (Mars) principles in order to achieve greater harmony. Mercury was conjunct Pluto for weeks (it was stationary within a few degrees of Pluto as it turned direct), intensifying communication and mental focus (maybe not the best time for a US/Russia conference!).

Venus conjoined Mars on February 16th and since then hasn’t moved more than one degree from Mars, meaning the two continue to act as a team. Venus […]

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Astrological news this week: A Leo Full Moon and a burst of inspiration with Jupiter and Uranus

artist unknown

This week the Moon is full in Leo, a bright burst of joyful energy to help waken up the senses and stimulate the search for true joy and personal satisfaction.  With six planetary bodies in Saturn-ruled signs (four in Capricorn and two in Aquarius), the energies have been a bit heavy recently so a Full Moon in fire will give us a nice boost.

The beautiful alignment between Jupiter and Uranus discussed in last week’s post culminates this week, helping us to break out of old patterns and find new ways to break through obstacles. New opportunities may lurk behind corners, so be sure to pay attention. 😃

We also have Mercury moving from one Saturn-ruled sign (Capricorn) to another (Aquarius), but Aquarius benefits from the modern rulership of Uranus which breaks up outmoded ways of thinking (Mercury rules the mind and all matters of information and communication).  Mercury in Aquarius is the inventor, where Mercury in Capricorn is the scientist. Because of Mercury’s retrograde travels over the past few months Mercury has been in Capricorn for a longer time than it would normally travel through a sign. For the next few weeks we are dreaming up new and innovative ideas and adventures.

And now, the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.

Monday February 14. Speaking of Venus, the patron goddess of Valentine’s Day, she conjoins Mars for much of the week, in Capricorn where they both are very business-like and practical. Tempers and excitement may run high, so this is a good week to do something active with friends and family rather than sit in front of the tv.

Meanwhile the Moon begins the week in Leo, […]

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7.13.21 – The meeting of heaven and earth at the Venus/Mars conjunction

art by Daniel Holeman

There is a beautiful symbolism at work today with the conjunction of Venus to Mars in Leo, the sign of the Sun.  Under Leo’s influence we learn how to celebrate our Divine Self and find joy in the smallest of things. So many of us suffer from depression or a lack of meaning that can create a despair from which it is difficult to emerge.  Our religions don’t support the development of Self: from Christianity to Buddhism we are taught to give up the Self in order to please the divinity or to surrender attachments.  While this may give people peace from time to time, it does not support the development of a healthy sense of Self; this, however, is the lesson of Leo.

Today we have Venus and Mars converging in the sign of the Self.  Venus and Mars are often thought to be opposites: Venus is feminine, Mars is masculine.  Venus is soft, Mars is hard. Venus is considered benefic, Mars malefic.  But Venus and Mars are two sides of the same coin – both planets govern areas of life which help us to develop our sense of Self.  Venus governs that which we attract and value.  Mars governs that which we desire and draw to us through intent. Under today’s Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo, the sign of the Self, we have the opportunity to explore more deeply the variety of ways in which we can better express ourselves and draw those things that will give us a real sense of purpose and ultimately, joy.  This aspect lasts for only a couple of days, so let’s make the most of it! ❤️

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7.9.21 – The New Moon in Cancer brings the heart into focus

art by Jessica Durant

The New Moon offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew, and in Cancer we find ourselves discovering a depth of emotion that we may have ignored in the past: the heart of wisdom. Ruled by the Moon itself, Cancer rules the inner world – our feelings, our desire to nurture and be cared for, our tribal identifications such as to family or country.  The heart connection forged by the sign of Cancer brings us more deeply into self-awareness and connection, which in turn helps us to develop sensitive connections with those around us.

At the New Moon, the sky is actually dark and the light of the Moon is invisible. There is a pregnant pause here before the sliver of the Moon begins to show itself in the crescent phase.  The intentions that we set at the New Moon may not be immediately apparent, and we may need to go into somewhat of a dark place before we can discover the light that is yet to emerge.

Under a strong influence of Aquarius since the beginning of the year, we may have neglected our emotions and sensitive heart;  Aquarius is rather unconcerned with matters of feelings and instead lives in the realm of air – intellect and communication have been more prevalent, especially with Mercury, planet of communication, in its own sign of Gemini for quite some time.  The 2021 square from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus is the story of change and a radical departure from the past that Cancer holds so dear.  Venus and Mars are both in fiery Leo right now, approaching their conjunction in a few days, so there is plenty of fire […]

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