Venus conjunct Uranus

Astrological news this week: Mostly mild with a hint of Saturn

Astrological update for the week of June 6-13, 2022.

art by Emily Kell

Saturn turned retrograde on Saturday which happens to be Saturn’s own day. Saturn of course is the planet of restriction and hard work, but his gift is in the rewards that come as a result. Any planet when changing direction has a more intensely powerful impact, especially if it is affecting your chart in a more personal way and when that planet is Saturn there is more pressure to take a realistic view of our world. Saturn will tend to kick our behinds if we are living in a fantasy land so when Saturn is stationary in the sky as it is right now, barely moving, it wants our attention.

There are a number of planets at 25-26 degrees right now – Saturn is at 25 Aquarius square to Mercury at 26 Taurus, further demanding a serious mind and attention to all matters of communication. Saturn is in an awkward semi-sextile to mystical Neptune, further emphasizing the idea that too much fantasy or idealization (Neptune) will not have a good outcome. Fortunately we have two of the personal planets in earthy Taurus (Mercury and Venus) to help us to ground and center.

Otherwise the planetary activity is fairly mild, with no major outer planet alignments at all during the month of June. In fact, there are no other outer planet aspects for the rest of the year. It’s the outer planets which apply the most pressure in longer lasting cycles, and when those influences are absent we become more aware of the more subtle influences of the faster moving planets and the Moon. That doesn’t mean you won’t personally be affected if […]

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Balancing our individuality with intimacy in relationships

artist unknown

This theme is coming up quite a bit these days in client consultations and is an experience many of us share:  How do we integrate our personal needs into the need to compromise and give up some things in our relationships?  In fact, this theme is built into the astrological chart on the ascendant/descendant axis that marks the cusp of the first house of personal identity and the seventh house of partnership. It’s been a long time since I saw a seesaw in a park (too dangerous?) but the balance point of a seesaw is the aim of all of the opposing astrological forces.  Until we find that balance point we end up seesaw-ing from one end to the other.

Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene coined the term the “freedom/closeness” dilemma (source) to describe the conflict between the basic need to attach and feel safe with another human being and the need to differentiate the Self and become more comfortable as an autonomous individual.  This is a process that begins in infancy but it can become distorted and corrupted in certain family situations.  But really, those of us with this dynamic were born with a propensity towards this conflict, and this is evident in our birthcharts.

Certain signs and planetary placements crave closeness and security, and others indicate a push for greater autonomy and freedom.  The water and earth signs tend to crave attachment and safety; the air and fire signs yearn for freedom and space.  Neptune, Venus and the Moon are connectors – Mars, Uranus and Jupiter are detachers.

Often in this kind of chart we see an individual who may be completely unaware of their need for space, who longs for connection but who […]

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4.22.21 – Finding the peaceful place in the midst of change

photo by Sirisak Baokaew

The conjunction of Venus in Taurus to Uranus that I wrote about yesterday culminates this evening EDT/April 23 at 1 am GMT.  Venus transits are typically like a soft breeze, they are brief and we may hardly notice them, but they can have a lasting impact.  In Taurus, Venus brings its aesthetic sense and urge for peaceful equanimity into the physical realm -this is an earthy combination that seeks comfort of the senses from delicious foods and cozy fabrics, hugs and the luxury of time and space to settle into relaxation.

Uranus is none of those things – Uranus is the radical, the revolutionary, urging us to innovate and think differently about the world.  The conjunction of Venus in Taurus, craving stability and comfort, to disruptive Uranus can serve the purpose of breaking up stuck patterns and forcing new growth and personal evolution.  It’s exciting, dramatic, perhaps even inspirational, but not particularly comfortable.  Watch for sudden changes of energies and ideas for breathing new life into your relationships.  This is not a good day to make a reckless decision, but the Moon which is newly in Virgo will help us to stay grounded and consider all of the details.  Over the next 24 hours the Virgo Moon will harmonize with all of the Taurus planets, including the Sun today, and that will help foster greater integration and balance. ❤️

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4.21.21 – Everything begins with the center under the Venus Uranus conjunction in Taurus

art by Amanda Clark

Today brings an interesting combination of planetary energies.  Venus is at home in Taurus, helping us to ground and center as we settle into a comfortable space of equanimity.  Venus is approaching a conjunction to Uranus, the planet of disruption and revolutionary new ideas – not an influence which is very conducive to a stable sense of place!  Venus/Uranus combinations interrupt communication between individuals and can bring out difficulties in personal connections. At the same time, the Moon is in Leo, calling on us to become our best selves and brings out our most creative and unique attributes.

We are likely to run into interpersonal challenges today and tomorrow, especially if we fail to honor the calling to honor our own authenticity.  This is not a time when caving in to the desires of others will bring success – these planetary energies require that we first settle into the center of who we are at our core, and make our plans and evaluations from there.  Venus in Taurus is averse to conflict, but this settling in to our selves before making accommodations to others doesn’t need to be confrontational. When we are strong in our center, the world falls into place around us. ❤️

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Why Miley Cyrus can’t settle down: An astrological view

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Miley Cyrus is an interesting character to me – born during the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of the early 1990s she is extremely talented and has been a star since the age of ten.  By the age of 18 she was #13 on the Forbes celebrity list.  But her very public scandals and relationship dramas make for an interesting astrological profile as you’ll see.  She came out as “pansexual” at the age of 14 (Saturn opposition) and has been identified as straight AND gay as well as gender fluid.

After a series of relationships, Miley began dating Liam Hemsworth in 2009.  Their on again/off again relationship led to a brief engagement, a breakup, marriage, followed by divorce this year.  To be honest, this is the kind of story that made me want to start this blog – my curiosity about why people are the way they are.

The early 1990s were a time of spiritual explosion and political confusion under the influence of a conjunction of Uranus (radical change) and Neptune (spirituality and illusion).  The Celestine Prophecy was published and New Age spirituality and delusion seeped into every aspect of the culture. Cults like the Branch Davidians, subject of a standoff with the FBI, emerged.  The Heavens Gate cult committed mass suicide on their way to join a UFO.  The first baby boomer president (Bill Clinton) and the first black president of South Africa (Nelson Mandela) were elected. JK Rowling started the Harry Potter books in 1992, and Ramtha, an entity channeled by JZ Knight, appeared on the scene and was championed by Shirley McLaine along with other celebrities, began a craze of channeled entities which included Seth, Abraham, Kryon and quite a few personages from the Pleiades.

In any event, Miley Cyrus is one of these incredibly creative beings […]

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