Venus in Aries

Planetary news this week: Venus in Aries and a Super Pisces New Moon

Astrological update for the week of February 20-27, 2022

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(I wrote about today’s New Moon in last week’s edition but it’s worth repeating, especially if you missed it! )

Sun enters Pisces, and the third New SuperMoon in a row. This week brings the Pisces New Moon on February 20 just after the Sun enters Pisces. This is the third New Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) in a row, beginning the season of Pisces and an emergence of heart-opening compassion and the illumination of imagination. With the New Moon at its closest point to Earth, and at the first degree of Pisces, it may be easier to tune into our heart’s desires as we chart our course for the next month. Intentions planted at the New Moon can come to fruition, and the SuperMoon can make these instincts stronger and more clear.

We have had so much Saturn over the past couple of years, with Saturn going through its two rulership signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, but Saturn will soon (March 7) enter Pisces. The melting of the Saturnian structures into the ocean of divine wisdom and creativity in Pisces could create some confusion and will require an effort to maintain balance. What better time to put this into place than this Pisces New Moon by opening the heart to the mystery while keeping our feet fully on the ground. This will require a great deal of intentionality because there is a lack of Earth in the sky right now, and Earth is the element that encourages us to embrace reality and the details of our lives.

Venus in Aries. Venus has entered the sign of her warrior lover Ares, leaving the Piscean misty realms for the battleground […]

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4.12.21 – In the heart of the storm with Venus and Pluto

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Wrapped up in the planetary alignments of yesterday’s Aries New Moon (catch up here if you missed it) was a challenging square from Venus in Aries to Pluto.  Any planet in the sign of Aries acts with independence and courage, and Venus, planet of relating and harmony, is no different.  This understandably creates some dissonance in the best of circumstances but we also have a challenging square from the Sun, Moon and most especially Venus to Pluto, planet of endings and transformation. When tied to the energies of the New Moon, the power of Pluto to break down the weak links that hold us back intensifies and the archetype of the Phoenix bird arising from the ashes of the old life was a strong element of the New Moon.

Today the Aries Moon reintroduces Venus and Pluto for one last dance to force the truth into the open.  By the time the Moon shifts into calm and peaceful Taurus just before 2 pm EDT/6 pm GMT everything will settle down and we can put the pieces back together and reorganize anything which has been lost during the earthquake. ❤️

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4.5.21 – Supercharge your relationships with Venus and Mars!

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A harmonious interaction between Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini is building throughout the day today and will peak Tuesday morning.  Venus, planet of harmony and relating, is in Aries right now where she is more dynamic and forceful, encouraging us to speak our truth and own our own attitudes.  Aries is ruled by Mars, so the sextile from Venus in Aries to Mars is a double whammy of Martian energies!  Although Venus and Mars are not natural allies – one is sweet and soft (Venus) and the other is hard and aggressive (Mars) – when we can integrate these two forces we can get the most out of each of them.  That is the main influence today.

The Moon has just entered Aquarius and will be quite busy over the next few days, interacting with nearly every planet.  Today, though, we have a harmonious sextile from the Moon to Mercury in the early afternoon EDT.  Mercury, planet of the mind, is also in Aries and opinions are loud and potent.  The intellectual honesty of the Aquarius Moon will help to clarify our thinking this afternoon under this influence, which will help to better utilize all of this Aries energy.  Fire purifies and inspires, but it does take some focus to take advantage of its unique gifts.

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Forecast for the week of March 15, 2021 including Vernal Equinox

This week we have the turn of the seasons when the Sun enters Aries at the Equinox.  In this week’s video I’ll do a little dive into the meaning of the Equinox and forecast the energies for the week ahead.  Enjoy!

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Transcript by tiny little digital genies and roughly edited by me, please excuse errors!

Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the astrology of the week, starting Monday, March 15, through Monday, March 22 2021. This week we have the spring equinox or the March Equinox if you’re in the southern hemisphere, and we also have Venus moving into Aries a little later in the week.

Before we get into that, I’d like to recap something I talked about last week and probably the week before, but right now there are no planets in retrograde motion until April 27. When Pluto turns retrograde will have no retrograde planets. When we have a planet that’s in retrograde motion, the influence of that planet tends to be hindered somewhat, it tends to be more subtle, it can sometimes cause us to look backwards and have to redo something from the past. We’re very familiar with Mercury retrograde where we have to do that four times a year. It’s very rare for there to be no planets retrograde. And that suggests that right now, the energies are pretty free to move ahead as […]

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Let your inner light shine on the Leo Full Moon, February 9 2020

Leo Full MoonThe Leo Full Moon (February 9, 2020 at 2:33 am EST) brings an opportunity to shine with the brilliance of our best selves and emerge from the darkness of the conjunction of Saturn to Pluto which weighed down the beginning of the month. The sign of Leo is majestic and creative, always seeking ways to shine and express the uniqueness of the Self, and in this Full Moon the Moon is aided by a trine to Mars in Sagittarius which helps to energize and amplify the fire of Leo to burn away any debris of darkness that may suppress our ability to shine our inner light with love and an open heart.

As in every Full Moon, the Moon here in Leo is opposite the Sun which is in Aquarius., but what makes the Leo Full Moon different is that the Moon is in the sign of the Sun (Leo is ruled by the Sun). So even though we have the opposition, there is also a linkage between the Sun and Moon that unites the conscious self (Sun) with the lunar instincts and emotional power.

Venus (relationships, attraction) has just moved into Aries where it carries a more fiery temperament, and that has amplified the influence of fire in the planetary spheres.  From December and January’s Capricornian influence on duty and responsibility, we are shifting to a more self-oriented focus that emphasizes desire and action over structure and planning.  There is some danger here that all of this fire can result in hasty decisions and actions that fail to take into account the unintended consequences that may result.  Our relationships could be damaged in the crossfire, as shown by a conjunction from Venus to Chiron (wounding and […]

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