Venus in Cancer

Memorial Day planetary news: Full Moon, and a week for connections

Astrological update for the week of May 29-June 5, 2023

art by Anky Moore

This week’s forecast will be shorter than usual because of the holiday and also because I was up too late watching Succession and then reading all of the Twitter wrap-up comments. 😃

Venus. The planetary energies are fairly quiet, but it’s an important week for Venus. Venus begins the week in harmonic bliss with Ceres and Neptune, facilitating healing and inspiration on an individual level but also easing the path to improved interpersonal connections. Venus is associated with relationships of all kinds, but also qualities of attraction and wealth that is both material and psychological, and when Venus is happy everyone is happy. Venus starts the week in Cancer where those family bonds take on greater importance, and that includes the tribe that we create for ourselves. The Moon enters Libra on Monday, and since Venus rules Libra and therefore the Moon, Monday and Tuesday are also highlighted by the gifts of Venus.

The Moon enters Scorpio on Wednesday 7:45 pm EDT and challenges Pluto, and things could get a little dicey then. The sweetness of Libra and Venus transmute into passion and intensity under Scorpio, so watch for some claws to come out of the soft paws in the velvet gloves of Venus.

Full Moon. Any stressors will fade when the Moon enters Sagittarius Thursday just after midnight EDT and the energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon begins. Under the Sagittarius Full Moon anything is possible – our heart is open and able to be filled with dreams and hopes. This Full Moon chart includes a harmonious exact trine from Pallas to the Moon signifying the role of higher intelligence (Pallas) in […]

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Planetary news this week: Celebrate Mercury turning direct

Astrological update for the week of May 8-15, 2023

art by AI

After a couple of fairly intense lunations, both of which were eclipses, the planetary energies are calming down a bit. Jupiter is finishing up its travels through the sign of Aries this week and will enter Taurus next week (read more about that here).

Venus has just entered Cancer, adding to the watery emphasis already in place with Mars in that sign. Where Mars (action) can be somewhat difficult in Cancer, Venus (relating) finds comfort and satisfaction in the emotional connections that are more easily made under this influence.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the doorway to the soul – and its connection to Venus helps us to develop relationships and interactions with others that are deep and radiant. Cancer is highly sensitive and very much in touch with the ebb and flow of emotion, and while Venus is in Cancer (May 7 – June 5) the bonds of family, either by birth or by choice, will be of paramount importance.

Mercury turns direct.  Mercury is retrograde for three weeks four times a year – a beautiful dance like the ebb and flow of the ocean. All planets turn retrograde (appear sometimes to travel backwards from our perspective on Earth) and at these times their influence can be stronger, and their messaging more important.

Mercury IS the planet of messaging – it governs the way information is accumulated and communicated, so when Mercury is retrograde (it’s also closer to the Earth during these times) all kind of information flow become more critical which is why sometimes we have problems with the processing of information. When Mercury turns direct, which it […]

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Astrology forecast for the week of August 17, 2020, including the Leo New Moon

I’ll be posting separately on the Leo New Moon, but it’s discussed here as well in the context of the other planetary energies at work.  I encourage you to watch the video, but for my faithful refuseniks there is a transcript below.

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Hey everybody, my name is Lynn Hayes. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, I post a new video every Monday about the astrological forces affecting us in the coming week and helping you to navigate them. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about the Leo New Moon, which is on Tuesday, August 18, and how we can get the most out of this fresh new start, as well as other astrological factors that will affect your week.

The New Moon in Leo is August 18. And in the Eastern Time Zone, it begins at 10:41pm. Please adjust for your own locality. When the Moon is set to be new. It’s the fusion of the Sun the solar conscious attention to the outer world and the Moon, which is the instinctive lunar reaction to the inner world. With the Sun we look out and with the Moon we look in – when those two energies are fused it’s a brilliant new start to a new lunar cycle.

The day before the New Moon is the dark and waning phase. That’s when we’re letting go of things that no longer serve us in preparation for the new phase. It’s a good time to end anything that’s not working for you anymore. It’s also a good time to be turning inwards and listening to the inner voice, the […]

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Sunday inspiration: Longing to Belong

Art by Monica Stewart Art by Monica Stewart

Venus is in Cancer right now, enhancing our longing to belong to a tribe, a family of souls that connect us to the earth.  This longing for connection conflicts over the next day or two with Uranus in Aries – the individualist, the loner.  This conflict between our need for individual space and our need to belong is central to the human condition and creator of much of our personal and political conflicts. 

To inspire healing on this day where our desire to belong is conflicting with our need to separate, I offer this beautiful writing from the late John O’Donohoe. 


Our world desperately needs to come in from the lost islands of desiccated individualism and learn to stand again on the fecund earth where vibrant and vital interaction can happen between people.

Our world is facing so many crises ecologically, economically, and spiritually. These cannot be overcome by isolated individuals. We need to come together. There is incredible power in a community of people who are together because they care, and who are motivated by the ideals of compassion and creativity.

When such a community develops and maintains its own vision, it will not fall into the trap of being prisoners of reaction and beginning to resemble more and more the opposition. It will not deconstruct in the introverted power games, but maintain its care and critical focus.

When such a prophetic community is nourished by prayer and animated by Divine Longing, the harvest of creativity and belonging which it can bring is unlimited.

Excerpt from Eternal Echoes

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Taurus New Moon of power and majesty, May 18th

In the astrological pantheon, the zodiac signs are either cardinal (initiation), fixed (control) or mutable (adaptable).  The cardinal signs initiate and inspire action and leadership, the fixed signs ground and intensify, and the mutable signs disseminate and provide a way to move into the next cycle.

Taurus is one of those fixed signs that needs a high level of control and power, and the New Moon in Taurus urges us to ground and find stability in the midst of fluidity.  Under this combination of energies the grounding of the Taurus New Moon will offer a basis from which to experience the flexibility of Mercury retrograde from a more empowered place.  The New Moon takes place just after midnight on the 18th on the East coast of the US and Europe, but late in the evening on the 17th in areas west.

With this Taurus New Moon we move from the Taurus/Scorpio polarity of the Full Moon earlier in the month, to the complete settling into the roots of our experience of the Taurus influence.

Although Taurus is traditionally ruled by Venus and is therefore associated with a love of beauty and the comforts of life in a physical body, I like to think of Taurus as also being ruled by the Earth – Taurus has a fine appreciation for flowers, gardens, and other earthly things. Still, Venus is strong right now – in the maternal and nurturing sign of Cancer where we can nurture our connections with our family and our tribe with greater awareness than ever, and in a harmonious trine to Neptune which helps us to expand our personal affections into deeper compassion and soulful contact.  An opposition from Venus to powerful Pluto intensifies these connections and helps us to […]

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