Venus in Sagittarius

Astrological news this week: Post eclipse optimism

Astrological update for the week of November 14-21, 2022

art by Jason Center

Post-eclipse wrapup.  In my monthly Planetary Illuminations report for November (see the subscription form in the sidebar) I wrote that the total lunar eclipse on November 8th would have two segments: the dark time before the eclipse and the light time after the eclipse. I wrote “Eclipses aren’t inherently dangerous, but they are usually portals through which difficult truths may emerge. The lunar eclipse on November 8th conjoins the North Node of the future, suggesting that any challenges which come up at this time will drive us more easily towards a more enlightened fate. ”

We have entered the post-eclipse phase, with a watery trine to facilitate the flow of feeling and intuition. Over the past few days with the Moon in Cancer this trine became a Grand Trine, an endless circle of emotions, moods and sensibilities but on Monday the Moon enters fiery Leo and all of that feeling and emotion becomes very personal and begins to burn with a brighter flame.

Still, with five planets in water signs working together in harmony, this week has the potential to bring some good fortune and optimism into the mix, along with enhanced creativity and a burst of inspiration. (Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces trine Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio.) With Venus the first planet to move from Scorpio to Sagittarius, we begin to say goodbye to the intensity of Scorpio season and move into the lighter realm of Sagittarius with all of its optimism and positivity.

Ceres opposite Neptune. Ceres is beginning a three-phase cycle with Neptune which will last until June of next year. Ceres is the planet which bestows the grace of […]

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12.15.20 Eclipse wrapup, and Venus enters Sagittarius

photo by Gabe Tomoiago

Eclipses affect different people in different ways.  If I experience them personally it’s usually with some sort of realization or emotional outburst. Monday’s solar eclipse was angular for me, opposite my ascendant, and I felt all day (and Sunday night too) as if I had been plugged into an electrical socket. Yet astrologers on Twitter debated whether eclipses have an effect on individuals or serve a purely mundane (worldly) purpose.  The eclipse, at 23 Sagittarius, fell exactly on President Trump’s Moon and with the actions of the electoral college, finally eclipsed his 2020 presidential campaign, but other than that we have seen no dramatic effects so far. A happy thing considering we are finishing 2020!!

Meanwhile Venus leaves intense Scorpio for Sagittarius, so some of the complex interactions you may have been having will lighten up a bit.  Venus in Sagittarius in December typically corresponds to holiday parties and we won’t be seeing that this year, but this is a generally lucky period of financial abundance as well as a proliferation of general good will.  Something much needed right now!  Also, Chiron turns direct today and there is only one retrograde planet in the sky (Uranus)!!! 😃 Still, with Chiron virtually stationary for the past few weeks and the next few as well, old wounds are being released at a rapid clip.  The only way out is through, but on the other side is freedom.

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Planetary news this week! Mercury turns retrograde and Venus seeks an adventure

Mercury turns retrograde on October 31, 2019, but its effects are already making themselves known. Mercury, planet of the mind, mental function, learning, communication equipment and travels of short duration, is currently traveling through Scorpio, a fixed sign of power and intense emotion. Mercury in fixed signs tends to be more…well, fixed – we becoming more stubborn, less adaptable. And this makes the retrograde turn more difficult.

As many of you already know, Mercury turns retrograde four times a year for three weeks. This is a natural cycle in which we are forced to slow down and be more careful, often having to re-do something we thought was already completed. This is a valuable part of the spiral of life and growth, just like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, and it means these are important times to reassess where we are in our lives and where we are going.

Mercury will be in Scorpio through the entire time it is retrograde, meaning that this is a time for deep thinking about things that really matter. We may find ourselves unearthing family secrets or perhaps closing the door on a chapter of our lives which has remained open for too long. The retrograde period technically ends November 20, but there is a shadow period of a week to 10 days in which things may not work as expected.

Meanwhile we also have Venus changing signs, entering Sagittarius on November 1st. Venus has been in intense Scorpio along with Mercury, so the shift into Sagittarius will unlock the doors and send all matters of love and attraction into expansion mode. While Venus is in Sagittarius (until November 25) we may feel more social than usual. This is typically a lucky […]

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Planetary news this week, January 7, 2019

This week, while we are coming off the influence of the solar eclipse at the Capricorn New Moon, Uranus is at a standstill in the sky as it prepares to change direction.  In its role as the instigator of radical change and transmission of information from the higher mind, Uranus helps to expand our consciousness as it inspires us to break out of routines that keep us stuck in our day to day ruts.

When any planet prepares to appear to change direction (of course we all know that planets don’t really change direction, they just seem to from our vantage point on Earth) it slows down, just as a car does before making a U-turn.  At these times that planet’s influence is more intense than usual, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to break out of a routine or someplace you feel stuck over the next week since Uranus turned direct on the 6th.

Venus enters Sagittarius today (January 7) which will be nice for our relationships and our general sense of well-being.  While in Sagittarius for a few weeks, Venus will encourage us to socialize more and enjoy having fun with the people around us.  There will be less emphasis on confrontation and processing hard stuff, and more of a focus on sharing ideas and just enjoying each other.

Venus is associated with the monetary system, and while Venus is in Sagittarius, especially since Uranus has turned direct, we may see the globalize financial situation stabilize for a few weeks as the principle of confidence under Venus in Sagittarius offsets the heavy solidity of the Capricorn stellium at the eclipse.

Still, the challenging square from Jupiter (optimism) to Neptune (delusion) that culminates on January 13th is […]

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