Venus in Scorpio

The power of this Libra New Moon for change and healing

The easy astrological times are not always the times when change and evolution can take place – sometimes these changes take an astrological punch, and that is what we have under this Libra New Moon. Libra is considered to be a somewhat “soft” sign – often polite and tactful, Libra urges us to relate to others, find ways to compromise, and balance opposing viewpoints with ease.  Libra is ruled by Venus after all, and Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty…or so we like to think.

The Venus archetype comes to us from a long line of powerful female goddesses, beginning back in Sumeria with Inanna and in Babylonia with Ishtar.  These are goddesses of love and war; they exemplify feminine power of transformation and the ability to go naked into the Underworld and returned transformed.  This is a good archetype for the Libra New Moon of October 6, 2021.

This New Moon features four planets in Libra: we have the Sun and Moon of course, but also Mars and Mercury.  A new beginning is required and there will be compromise and accommodation with so much Libra, but with Mars acting as a major presence, there will also be a need to fight for what we know to be true and for what is important. This is a time for a new beginning: the new lunar cycle has just begun and the sky is dark with pregnant anticipation. Now is the time to set the intentions for the New Moon. Where in our lives are our relationships out of balance? How can we bring more love into our life, more softness and beauty? We often think that in order to feel loved we must have a partner, but anyone […]

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Astrological forecast for the week of September 6, 2021: Mostly sunny with a hint of regret

This week we have no major planetary aspects causing trouble, and the week begins with the energies of the Virgo New Moon (catch up here if you missed it) lingering for the first few days. New Moons bring that sense of a clean slate, and here we have a trine from Uranus which helps to break up old patterns and stuck energy to help us to formulate a plan under the Virgo influence.  The New Moon is exact on September 6th at 8:51 pm if you choose to celebrate this new beginning with a little more formality.

There’s really no more big influences to discuss, so let’s go right to the weekly forecast!  (Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your own locality.)

Monday September 6. Venus and Mars are active in the chart of the New Moon, and also during the first few days of the week.   Mars, in Virgo where the details are important to make everything work, harmonizes with Pluto (trine) Monday morning helps us to focus our energies into something important, but Venus in Libra, craving harmony and peaceful exchange, has just formed a challenging square to Pluto on Sunday evening.  Relationships could be somewhat intensified and perhaps if there are any power issues that need rebalancing, but on Monday Venus harmonizes with Jupiter in a beautiful trine that really could not be more fortunate.

All of these energies are embedded in the New Moon chart which carries us through much of the week.

Tuesday September 7.  The New Moon continues to infuse us with its urge to realign our lives in more effective patterns under the Virgo influence.  The Moon, still in Virgo most of […]

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11.21.20 Energy shifts of Venus, the Sun and Moon

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Today we have three shifts of energies: Venus leaves Libra for intense Scorpio, the Moon leaves practical Capricorn for mystical Pisces, and the Sun leaves Scorpio for jovial Sagittarius.  The change of solar focus from the passion and depth of Scorpio to the lighthearted expansiveness of Sagittarius marks the beginning of Sagittarius season, a more social time of positivity and optimism.  However, with both Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, that depth of perception and emotional drive is still coloring much of our experiences.

The Moon of course moves quickly, so its alignments are fleeting.  But with three planetary bodies at the first degree of new signs, there is a breath of fresh air and an opening of a new door that we can take advantage of.  The Pisces Moon will form a trine to Scorpio Venus late tonight/early morning EST – a lovely heart-opening grace card to facilitate an experience of love, beauty, creativity and connection to the source of life, even if just for a few hours.

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Planetary news this week! Venus enters Scorpio, and the Aries Full Moon

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I think we will all find that this is a good week to be mindful.

On the 7th, a stressful opposition between Mercury (the mind) and Uranus (reckless behavior) could prompt a quick decision that doesn’t end well if we’re not careful.  Take a minute to think before taking action, especially since Saturn (tests and challenges) is squared by the Sun, leading us into temptation.

We will be under a challenging opposition from Mars to Chiron between the 7th and the 9th or so.  Mars can trigger anger and with Chiron involved, unpleasant feelings and old wounds could emerge. Remember that the purpose of this emergence of any distress is so that it can be released and healed – holding onto these old wounds just causes them to fester and negatively affect our energy system.

Meanwhile Venus enters Scorpio and we begin the journey into Scorpio’s depth and magic.  When Venus is in Scorpio (as it will be until November 2nd) our relationships take on greater urgency and intensity.  The truth must be told, and our connections become deeper and more intimate.

Any darkness will lift by the 10th and a lovely sextile from the Sun to Ceres (nurturing that comes from the Earth) will highlight ways in which we can take care of our physical bodies by nurturing the senses.  We may find some disruption in our relationships around the 12th but a sweet harmonic between the Sun and Jupiter (confidence and optimism) helps to smooth the way.  This is generally a very pleasant time of comfortable planetary energies which lead up to the Aries Full Moon on October 13th.

I’ll be posting more about this Full Moon later in this week – it is […]

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The astrology of Megyn Kelly

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All politically-related posts on this blog seem to generate controversy. Please note that I attempt to be as impartial as possible and focus on the astrology of the situation, although at times my own personal bias may bleed through.  

Megyn Kelly is no stranger to controversy, but where controversy served her well during her thirteen years at Fox News, it has not been as well received during her tenure at NBC’s morning show “Megyn Kelly Today.”  Her recent comments about white children dressing in blackface for Halloween resulted in NBC’s pulling the plug on her show.  These comments follow a long pattern of what has been described as “racial insensitivity” and should have been no surprise to the NBC execs who put her on the air.  Ms. Kelly’s particular combination of blonde beauty and biting intelligence is the very thing which catapulted her to fame on Fox News whose audience is primarily white and older, but was less appealing to NBC’s morning viewers who are accustomed to a different kind of content, and the younger audience left the show in even higher numbers.

Megyn Kelly astrology Click to expand

It will not surprise astrology buffs to know that Megyn Kelly (born November 18, 1970 time unknown) was born with the Sun in the sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio a powerful sign which is known for its penchant for passion and intensity, and driven by an urge towards transformation and the embrace of the dark side of human experience as part of the process of personal evolution.  Scorpio people are often intense and amoral, living in an embrace of their own personal Truth that will not necessarily be the same as the truths espoused by […]

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