Venus in Taurus

5.5.21 – Take a relaxing break today with a trine from Venus in Taurus to Pluto

art by Amanda Clark

Venus in its own sign of Taurus is a delicious gift of comfort and peaceful equanimity, and we get to enjoy it for another few days.  Today and tomorrow, Venus will form a harmonious trine to Pluto, planet of depth and intensity.  Venus/Pluto aspects are usually pretty uncomfortable, since Pluto is all about forcing us beyond our comfort zone and encouraging us to let go of the dead stuff we carry around with us, especially psychological detritus to which we are particularly attached.  But the harmonious trine from Venus to Pluto can help to strengthen our relationships, add to our creative confidence, and help to empower our relationship with money and other resources.  Technically this aspect doesn’t culminate until tomorrow morning, but the energies will be building throughout today.

Meanwhile the Moon is newly in Pisces and very active today, energizing Mars in a trine around noon EDT/4 pm GMT which can help to focus sensitive Piscean energies into a form of creative spirituality which fuels our intentions and helps with the integration of spirit and soul.  The Pisces Moon harmonizes with Uranus early evening EDT/late evening GMT to infuse us with a sparkly excitement and inspiration, so this will be the perfect time for brainstorming or a creative project.

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4.22.21 – Finding the peaceful place in the midst of change

photo by Sirisak Baokaew

The conjunction of Venus in Taurus to Uranus that I wrote about yesterday culminates this evening EDT/April 23 at 1 am GMT.  Venus transits are typically like a soft breeze, they are brief and we may hardly notice them, but they can have a lasting impact.  In Taurus, Venus brings its aesthetic sense and urge for peaceful equanimity into the physical realm -this is an earthy combination that seeks comfort of the senses from delicious foods and cozy fabrics, hugs and the luxury of time and space to settle into relaxation.

Uranus is none of those things – Uranus is the radical, the revolutionary, urging us to innovate and think differently about the world.  The conjunction of Venus in Taurus, craving stability and comfort, to disruptive Uranus can serve the purpose of breaking up stuck patterns and forcing new growth and personal evolution.  It’s exciting, dramatic, perhaps even inspirational, but not particularly comfortable.  Watch for sudden changes of energies and ideas for breathing new life into your relationships.  This is not a good day to make a reckless decision, but the Moon which is newly in Virgo will help us to stay grounded and consider all of the details.  Over the next 24 hours the Virgo Moon will harmonize with all of the Taurus planets, including the Sun today, and that will help foster greater integration and balance. ❤️

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4.21.21 – Everything begins with the center under the Venus Uranus conjunction in Taurus

art by Amanda Clark

Today brings an interesting combination of planetary energies.  Venus is at home in Taurus, helping us to ground and center as we settle into a comfortable space of equanimity.  Venus is approaching a conjunction to Uranus, the planet of disruption and revolutionary new ideas – not an influence which is very conducive to a stable sense of place!  Venus/Uranus combinations interrupt communication between individuals and can bring out difficulties in personal connections. At the same time, the Moon is in Leo, calling on us to become our best selves and brings out our most creative and unique attributes.

We are likely to run into interpersonal challenges today and tomorrow, especially if we fail to honor the calling to honor our own authenticity.  This is not a time when caving in to the desires of others will bring success – these planetary energies require that we first settle into the center of who we are at our core, and make our plans and evaluations from there.  Venus in Taurus is averse to conflict, but this settling in to our selves before making accommodations to others doesn’t need to be confrontational. When we are strong in our center, the world falls into place around us. ❤️

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4.14.21 – The world of the senses emerges under Venus in Taurus

photo by Nigel Burkitt

Venus is well known for its association with love and beauty, but also governs the manner in which we view our life – our aesthetics, our self-esteem and, our ability to create resources out of the raw material of our day to day existence. Venus leaves fiery Aries for Taurus today, one of the signs of its domicile where Venus is able to exert her influence more directly and foster greater peace and harmony.  In Libra, the other Venus-ruled sign, we focus more on the idea of relating and the energetic nature of balance.  In Taurus, an Earth sign, the urge for balance becomes more grounded into our physical experience.

The Moon is in Taurus all day today, giving us an added boost from the physical senses.  I like to think of Taurus as being associated with the very Earth on which we live: the world of the senses and our physical experience is deeply affected by this sign.  The next few weeks are the perfect time to explore the natural world and experience the healing effects of its organic beauty.  The Moon will move into Gemini early tomorrow morning and we will go back into a more active mental phase, so let today be a day to smell the roses and breathe in the magic of spring. 🌿

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Planetary news this week: Astrological forecast for May 13-20, 2019

Video forecast hereThis week offers some respite from the planetary intensity we’ve been seeing lately.  Between May 11th and the 15th, we see only mild and pleasant planetary alignments that offer support and help us to regain our balance if we’re feeling out of sorts.

We do see two planets changing signs on the 15th:  Venus will move from fiery Aries to stable Taurus. Venus is quite happy there as the peaceful nature of Taurus supports the Venusian urge to form relationships and experience more beauty and equanimity in life.  This period while Venus is in Taurus, between May 15th and June 8th, is excellent for anything Venusian:  wealth, beauty activities, relationships of all kinds, love and harmony.   This is not a particularly emotional time, or a time in which processing of emotional stuff will be very easy or even desired.

Mars also changes signs on the 15th, moving from Gemini to Cancer.  Mars is NOT particularly happy in Cancer where it tends to be touchy and reactive rather than proactive and self-initiating.  While Mars is in Cancer (between May 15th and July 1st), our drive, desires, and ability to manifest our personal will, all of which Mars motivates, will be colored by our emotional sensitivities.  Mars is said to be in its fall in Cancer because Cancer is emotionally reactive; it is more difficult to be clear about our motivations and the true desires.  Cancer is the sign of nurturing and caring for others, and there is the potential for codependent behavior because of the focus on the needs of other people in an effort to care for oneself.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th could bring out some of these issues since […]

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