8.10.21 Find your drishti today with Venus opposite Neptune

by Lynn Hayes.  In yoga we talk about a “drishti” – a point of balance on which we focus in order to find that grounded center within.  Venus, radiant planet of love and beauty, is in Virgo now where we may prefer to take care of details and support others – a noble virtue to be sure, but not exactly in line with the self-love of the Leo New Moon.

Today with Venus opposing Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces where it is most powerful in bringing both magic and confusion into our lives, we may find ourselves somewhat destabilized as Venus struggles to hold onto the details of its Virgo journey.  This lasts only a couple of days, but letting go to the magic of creative inspiration will help us to find that drishti point of balance and bring some of that Neptunian magic into the mundane reality of our lives.

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The sparkle of this week’s Leo New Moon

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by Lynn Hayes   The next few days offer an opportunity for the heart to open as the Sun and Moon align in Leo, a kiss of magic to open up the heart.  The energy of Leo encourages us to return to the simplicity of childhood – to witness and find joy in the simplest things and share that joy with others.

While the Sun represents the physical heart, the Moon represents the emotional heart.  How we protect ourselves, how we express our feelings, the level of comfort we feel with the emotions that flow through us every moment of the day – all of these things live in the realm of the Moon.  In Leo, the Moon becomes more dramatic and more easily able to find expression for the inner language of the soul and at the New Moon on August 8th at 9:50 am EDT/1:50 pm UTC the two combine for a burst of Leo sparkle.  Mercury, planet of the mind, is also in Leo right now and trines the new planet Eris – this feels a bit to me like the reasoning out of a Rubik’s cube in which the small details lead to a big transformation.

The Sun is the most powerful force in our planetary system, and the Sun is in its own sign of Leo where it has the strongest force of radiance, illuminating the darkness and shining light into the unconscious.  This New Moon is tightly squared (90 degree aspect) by Uranus, the planet of radical personal independence to force a decision or course of action that will set free something which has been repressed or stifled.  Leo is a fixed sign and like all fixed signs, it doesn’t accept change or […]

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7.22.21 – A choice with Venus opposite Jupiter, and the Sun enters Leo

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Venus and Jupiter are both very beneficial planets, so even the stressful aspects are not too bad.  Today Venus, newly in Virgo, is opposite Jupiter which is at zero degrees Pisces as it retrogrades back into Aquarius.  Venus moving ahead, Jupiter covering old territory.  There is a sense here of an opening which comes at the expense of something which is lost – but in any case, this aspect denotes excess of some kind.  It’s difficult to think about excess when we’re talking about Venus in Virgo, but as Jupiter in Pisces is expanding beyond what we thought possible, Jupiter is attempting to hold back the tide.  Too much of a good thing.

The Sun enters Leo at 10:26 am, shifting the conversation from family and tribe to the Self.  What’s good for ME is what is highlighted later today.  That will make the Venus/Jupiter choices more difficult (because with oppositions there is often a choice).  Venus wants to serve others, but here comes the Sun and shines the light of joy and radiance on us, causing us to forget for just a moment.  Today is a good day to make it a point to find balance between what will make us happy and joyful (Leo Sun) and how to balance the ideal of freedom (Jupiter) with a humbler viewpoint (Venus in Virgo). ❤️

by Lynn Hayes

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7.21.20 – A busy Moon, and Venus enters Virgo

art by Silvia Duran

The planets are beginning to quiet down, and as the more powerful forces wind down for now the subtler energies of the Moon can come into focus.  The Moon is in Sagittarius now, whispering a tale of adventure and optimism, hinting that better times are ahead.  We can certainly use that right now!   Today the Moon squares Neptune very early in the day (all times are Eastern time zone – please adjust for your own locality), urging us to let go of the details for a few moments and let the imagination run free.  From there the Moon goes on to harmonize in a trine to Mars around 10 am, energizing and inspiring action.  Our interactions with others are favored in the late afternoon/early evening when the Moon trines Venus before shifting into Capricorn at 6:36 pm.  Once the Moon moves into Capricorn we will tend to take things more seriously, so today is a great day to think big and then we can make things happen under the Capricorn Moon.

Venus will leave happy Leo for Virgo at 8:36 pm EDT.  It’s not that Venus in Virgo isn’t happy, it just doesn’t see happiness as a priority.  In Virgo, Venus inspires us to take care of details and honor our commitments in our relationships. Helping others is one way in which Venus in Virgo finds happiness – repairing broken alliances is another way.  Venus will stay in Virgo until August 16th, so we have a few weeks to take care of relationship details and get the job done. ❤️

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Monday astro update for the week of September 28, 2020 including the Aries Full Moon

Here’s your regular weekly update, complete with a bit more about the Aries Full Moon (but be sure to check out my complete post on this lunation which I feel will be important in helping us integrate the planetary intensity of the moment).  We also have both Saturn and Pluto turning direct for more big energy shifts, and Venus moving from Leo into Virgo.  I’ll also be weaving in the details of lunar influences so that you can put the whole picture together for your planning.  Transcription is below, but as I always I encourage you to watch the video to get the more complete picture as I feel that a lot is lost in the translation!  Have a great week everyone.


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Hey everybody, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Lynn Hayes. And every week I give you all the astrological information that you need to have a great week. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the Aries Full Moon, Saturn and Pluto changing direction. And we’re going to be talking about Venus moving from Leo into Virgo. So without further ado, let’s get started.

This video is covering the period between September 28 and October 5, and on September 29 Saturn is going to be turning direct. So just to recap, if you’ve been watching these videos you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of retrograde planets all through the summer, and now the number of retrogrades is beginning to diminish. So with Saturn, which has been retrograde all summer, turning direct, meaning it will […]

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