11.19.20 More on Venus square Saturn, adding Black Moon Lilith

art by Linuron on Deviant Art

There are so many new feminine archetypes in the astrological pantheon. We’ve had Venus and the Moon for millenia, of course, and more recently the four major asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno).  Black Moon Lilith has become a favorite of mine – she sits on my natal Pluto which explains a lot about my past history, and has been instrumental in the MeToo movement.  She represents a primal rage against oppression, most particularly the oppression of the patriarchy.

Today Venus (relating, connection) is just separating from a challenging square to Saturn (restriction and deprivation), and as predicted the enthusiasm in the stock market took a hit.  Saturn after all requires that we face the hard cold truths, where Venus (especially in Libra, its own sign) prefers to find equilibrium in peace and happiness. Venus will soon move into Scorpio which will intensify and bring added drama into our personal relationships, and today it opposes Lilith to bring in a hint of that dark intensity.  Lilith will osculate back and forth opposite Venus until mid-December, and in the northern hemisphere we are in the time when the darkness predominates over light. For the next few weeks the wisdom of the darkness can penetrate any illusion and bring us into closer contact with our own inner Truth.

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