Venus opposite Uranus

Astrological update for the week of September 20, 2021: Full Moon, Equinox portal!

art by Lisa Hunt

There’s a lot of astrological juice in the skies this week, which means quite a few potent energies swirling around to affect us in a variety of ways. Emotions could be extreme under the Full Moon, and the portal point of the September Equinox will open up doorways of change.  Be ready!  We are heading into Deep Retrograde season with Mercury’s retrograde turn next week, and some potent challenges from Mars which will keep things lively.  😃

Monday September 20.   The Pisces Full Moon culminates on Monday just before midnight EDT/Tuesday 4 am UTC, and is packed with generally positive forces for awakening and illumination. (You can read all the details of the Full Moon here.)  The Moon conjoins Neptune before noon on Monday EDT/4 pm UTC, paving the way for the Piscean burst of spectral magic which can cause a lack of clarity as we make our way through the mundane details of our daily life to reawaken the spark of divine inspiration. 

A harmonious trine from Mercury to Jupiter, Pisces’ modern ruler, culminates at 10:52 pm EDT just before the Full Moon.  This is a beautiful gift of hope and optimism to pave the way for the Full Moon shower of grace.

Tuesday September 21.  The Moon enters Aries just after 3 am EDT/7 am UTC and begins to translate a challenging opposition between Mars and Chiron that is just beginning to form.  Mars is in Libra where we can find it difficult to express ourselves clearly, and Chiron is in Aries and has been since 2018 – calling out areas of our self-expression which have been wounded and […]

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11.27.20 A day to break out of a routine, and mental agility


Today we have Mercury (mind) harmonizing in a sextile to Pluto (transformation), and since Mercury is in Scorpio where it easily focuses our attention directly to what is important, the engagement with Pluto’s intensity simply amplifies this power without causing too much difficulty.  But Venus, also in Scorpio, is opposite Uranus in Taurus today.  In Scorpio Venus demands nothing less than truth, a connection with meaning and passion.  No matter where Venus is in your own chart, our connections with others are of supreme importance right now, and all of our values (Venus) are infused with the fiery emotion that Scorpio brings to the table.  Meanwhile Uranus seeks the radical departure from ingrained habits which keep us stuck, and Venus opposing Uranus today can bring some conflict between that which keeps us connected and safe (Venus) and the need to break free and do something radical (Uranus).

These are fast-moving transits and will last only a day or two.  The Moon has just entered Taurus and we are seeking more comfort and more ease, but it will pass over Uranus in the early part of the day (Eastern time, please adjust for your time zone) which potentially can cause some internal disruption that may spill over into our interactions with others.  Today is a good day to try something new, perhaps something small, but interesting enough to break up any stuck energies.

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Venus retrograde in Scorpio: October 5, 2018 – November 16, 2018

Venus retrogradeDeviant Art.  Venus turns retrograde on October 5th and will be retrograde until November 16th, 2018.

Venus usually slips through our lives like a whisper, and we barely experience her fleeting transits. Her influence is usually soft and encouraging and I often say that we only really take notice when we experience discomfort of some kind. Even the challenging transits of Venus are benign, offering us only an opportunity to indulge in greater indulgence.  When Venus is retrograde, however, she moves more slowly and deliberately and her influence is therefore more powerful.  Planets are said to be traveling in retrograde motion when they appear to move backwards from our perspective on earth. During these times their influence causes us to look back instead of forward as we encounter the experiences of that planet.

Venus is famous for her influence on relationships. As the goddess of love and beauty, she bestows an attractive power and grace, but that attractive power draws more than love. It can also a magnet for financial wealth and personal possessions so in that way, Venus is said to rule our values and the things that we love as well as the people. Venus also rules our ability to love and relate to our self, and the kind of talents and personal resources that we possess as well as the material possessions.

Venus only turns retrograde every 18 months or so.  These are excellent times to reconnect with friends or loved ones from the past, or to repair relationships that have suffered.  These are not always the best times to begin new relationships, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from meeting new people.  Often when Venus is retrograde we can learn a […]

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The Taurus Full Moon showers blessings on November 4, 2017

A glorious Full Moon in Taurus showers its blessings on November 4th. Ruled by Venus, Taurus calls upon us to put aside the extremes of our ideas and emotions and find a harmonious balance of peace and comfort.

Venus is well known for its association with love and beauty, but also governs the manner in which we view our life – our aesthetics, our self-esteem and, our ability to create resources out of the raw material of our day to day existence.

Under the Full Moon, the Scorpio Sun and its opposite, the Taurus Moon, struggle for supremacy and ultimately find integration.  The intensity of Scorpio finds balance against the placid nature of Taurus, softening some of Scorpio’s hard edges and urging us to ground and center into the Earth.

Venus is very active in this Full Moon: a Venus/Saturn combination offers stability in our relationships, but a stressful Venus/Uranus aspect could be divisive and require us to put space in our dealing with others where needed.

In addition, the challenging square between Saturn (restriction and tests) and Chiron (wounding and healing) is culminating now, facilitating our own transition through the healing journey into the comfort of the healed. Because this Full Moon is so centered on the influence of Venus, our relationships will be critical and areas that have been difficult could blossom into something magical.

This is a good time to bring people together over food, or in the enjoyment of beauty such as a trip to a museum or park. The pleasures of the physical realm will help to smooth any rough edges that Uranus may infuse into the Full Moon experience.

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The astrology of cancer surgery

I have been trying not to take too much fodder for this blog from actual client charts for fear of violating privacy rights, but occasionally something comes up that is too valuable not to share. When this happens I try to present the information in as vague a form as possible so as to maintain the privacy of the client’s identity.

I saw a woman today who had had two different cancer surgeries but we did not discuss the details before the session. I try not to know too many details about the client before we start the session so that I’m taking the information strictly from the chart.

This client has an exact and angular opposition from a Capricorn Venus to Uranus which denotes a traumatic (Uranus) history with respect to her value as a woman (Venus). During the reading I felt she had an energy blockage in the belly area at the second chakra and saw this blockage as a wounded part of herself that she had long ago rejected around her attractiveness as a female and her lovability. She disclosed that one of her cancer surgeries had been for cervical cancer and that she had worked with different modalities to try to release blocks in that area. She also shared that as a child she was told by her mother that she was ugly and worthless and carried a great deal of pain with her as a result.

We think of fighting against cancer as if it were a being separate from ourselves. Those of us who have worked for a long time to heal old psychological injuries have tried hard to rid ourselves of the residue of this soul damage. We cut cords that bind us to toxic loved ones. We clear our chakras. We do […]

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