Venus retrograde 2015

Planetary news this week: The rise of Venus and the Leo New Moon

Astrological update for the week of August 14-21, 2023

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Venus as morning star. On the heels of Sunday’s conjunction of the Sun to Venus (called the “cazimi”), we begin to see Venus rising as the morning star as she passes the midpoint of the retrograde period. The symbolism 40-day cycle of Venus retrograde is pretty profound, as that 40-day cycle can be found frequently in religious texts. At the beginning of the retrograde cycle Venus is ahead of the Sun and rises near sundown, but after the Sun/Venus conjunction at the midpoint of the cycle Venus sneaks ahead of the sun and rises at morning.

This midpoint of the Venus cycle marks a shift from the looking back period and welcomes the replacement phase of the cycle. We’ve already recognized aspects of our values and relationships that require change. This is the opportunity to begin to put change into motion, a process that continues when Venus turns direct.

Leo New Moon, August 16. The New Moon in Leo, the beginning of a new lunar cycle is a marriage of heaven and earth. The Moon is in the sign of the Sun, and the conscious solar principle unites easily with the lunar instincts. Leo is the sign that celebrates the Self – the healthy Ego, open-hearted, generous and full of life and an ability to embrace joy.

The New Moon is accompanied by some potent planetary juice including an exact square to Uranus, the radical planet of change and breaking out of routine. Normally the disruptive influence of Uranus would be somewhat destabilizing, but the Leo Moon can be excited by change. In addition, there is a dearth of the watery element of emotion which […]

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Planetary Illuminations for July 2015 now posted

July astrological forecastIf you are on my mailing list you will soon receive your abridged version, translated into easy to understand English.  If you’re not, please sign up in the sidebar!

You can read the article in its entirety here, and meanwhile here is the summary for July’s main events.

During July there are no interactions between any of the slower moving outer planets that create intensive energies of change, but the challenging square  (90 degree angle) between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction).  Dances between Jupiter and Saturn often create restriction in financial markets, and the first exact square alignment occurs in early August.  This cycle will continue through May/June of 2016.

Venus turns retrograde on July 25th and will be stationary for a week or so before the change of direction and remain retrograde until September 8th.  Venus rules not only love and beauty, but also describes the things we value and attract.  Therefore, it is involved in matters of wealth accumulation and personal possessions – anything that provides a sense of security.  During Venus retrograde cycles it is not uncommon to reconnect with old friends and rediscover loved ones, or repair relationships that need it.  During the retrograde period Venus will align with Jupiter three times, creating an atmosphere of beauty and joy that will help to offset the Saturn effect described above.

Uranus also turns retrograde this month but its stationary period lasts a bit longer – usually about two weeks.  Uranus will remain retrograde until December 25th, giving us plenty of time to re-examine areas of our life that require change.  Uranus is retrograde every year for about six months so this is not an unusual occurrence.

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