Astrological update for the week of October 25-November 1, 2021

Sorry for the tardiness of this post!  I was traveling yesterday for nearly 24 hours and overestimated my ability to post from airports using my ipad.

I took this photo in the Doge’s Palace in Venice.  This is not a clock but rather a marking of the Sun through the zodiac. It fascinates me that the highly religious Catholics of the time made such a prominent point of the astrological symbolism! (The needle seems to be stuck at Pisces since every photo of this clock has the needle in the same place.)

The astrology last week was pretty intense, what with the Aries Full Moon opposing Mars, squaring Pluto and conjunct Eris.  I hope you survived it and were able to harness all of that power and use it for good. 😊

This week we have a bit of a break, with mostly lunar aspects.  Retrograde season is over and the world is rushing ahead at breakneck speed in an effort to catch up from the tidal reversal over the past couple of months.  Currently only Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are retrograde which is a relatively small number of retrograde planets.

The biggest news of the week is Mars entering Scorpio on October 30th.  This is kind of symbolic because that is the day before Halloween, All Hallows Eve, which is the quintessence of Scorpio season. Conquering our fear of death. Transcending boundaries of alternate realities. Embracing darkness.  While Mars is in Scorpio it will translate the ever tightening final square between Saturn and Uranus and likely inflame the conflict over control for the sake of public health (Saturn) versus the freedom and personal liberty of making one’s own choices (Uranus).  This Mars-y influence will peak the […]

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