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Planetary news: Mercury in Aquarius and the Pisces New SuperMoon

Astrological update for the week of February 13-20, 2023

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Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury left the solid, practical sign of Capricorn for Aquarius on February 11th, joining the Sun and Saturn in the sign of the collective. Aquarius is a very dry sign – ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius is the quintessence of rational thinking and logic, so when the planet of the mind (Mercury) is in the sign of logic (Aquarius), there is an emphasis on reason and detachment (Saturn rulership) as opposed to the feeling and intuition of the water signs. Aquarius is symbolized by the “water bearer” though, reflecting the wisdom of life that flows from the heavens, through intuition and the higher mind (the Uranus connection).

While Mercury is in Aquarius over the next few weeks it will interact with virtually every other planet in the sky – some harmonious and some challenging. But this highly active Mercury suggests that the mind and mental functions will be highlighted over this period and we may be flooded with new ideas which can lead to some mental exhaustion. Mercury in Aquarius can be very electrical which can lead to overload, so spending some time in quiet contemplation will help to balance out any tendency towards overthinking and a mind that won’t stop racing.

Sun enters Pisces, and the third New SuperMoon in a row. This week brings the Pisces New Moon on February 20 just after the Sun enters Pisces. This is the third New Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) in a row, beginning the season of Pisces and an emergence of heart-opening compassion and the illumination of imagination. With the New Moon at its closest point to Earth, and at the first […]

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Astrological news this week: Pluto retrograde and eclipse season begins!

Astrological update for the week of April 25 – May 2, 2022

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Pluto turns retrograde. I’ve been talking for a while about the Pluto station because Pluto hasn’t moved much in months – it’s only traveled one degree since the end of February and won’t travel more than one degree until early July.  That is a long time if you have planets between 25 and 29 Capricorn or the other cardinal signs Cancer, Libra Aries.  And if you have planets between 0 and 2 degrees of Aquarius or the other fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) you’ll feel some effect too. (Some astrologers use 10 degree orbs or more – I tend to use tight orbs as that seems to work in a more practical setting, like real life.)

We have had quite a few months with no planets retrograde, and with Pluto changing direction we have just one retrograde planet. The next retrograde will be Mercury turning retrograde on May 10, but in the meantime the focus is on Pluto and drilling down to the absolute Truth. Self-deception might have been the name of the game over the past few weeks with Jupiter and Neptune slamming together in a dance of bliss and psychic harmony, and we now have Mars and Venus joining them in Pisces (see the information about the eclipse below).

When Pluto is in charge, we are under the guidance of fate. Anyone with tight aspects from Pluto to their natal chart knows this, and eventually we learn that when fate is in charge we are guided towards our highest destiny if we can only let go.

A note about the Pisces stellium.  The blurring of details is a feature […]

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3.18.21 A gorgeous day of harmony and creative flow ⭐️

photo by Lauren Rosenbaum

Please note that if you are going through a challenging planetary cycle these faster moving influences may not break through the force of the more potent cycle except to perhaps shed some new light or soften the bigger experience.  Today we have a harmonious sextile from Venus in Pisces to Pluto in Capricorn which supports a stronger and deeper connection with those around us.  Pluto strips away any artifice and makes it easier for us to be our authentic selves, while Venus in Pisces strives for a peaceful equanimity and harmony.

Meanwhile, the Venus-ruled Taurus Moon, longing to settle into a comfort space, dovetails with both Venus and Pluto to enhance and deepen our emotional expression, and also with the Sun and Neptune which are in Pisces.  This latter influence opens the heart to a higher vibration and facilitates creativity as well as expanded insights.  This is a wonderful day for anything having to do with heart and spirit connections as well as the creation or enjoyment of beauty and art. ❤️

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12.10.20 Today is a day for action and manifestation with the Sun trine Mars

art by Manusia on Deviant Art

The Sagittarius Sun trines Mars in Aries today for a double whammy of pure fire.  Fire is the element of inspiration and action – it motivates and purifies, and for a day or two we have this lovely fiery combination to provide the fuel for our desires, hopes and wishes. Mars is edging back to one final challenging square to the Capricorn planets (culminating around the 22nd of December) but for now we can enjoy the pure energy and transformative potential of Mars in Aries, its purest form, harmonizing with the Sun which provides its radiant light to support all life.

A harmonious sextile from Venus in Scorpio to the Capricorn planets (beginning with Pluto today and continuing until the 15th) is supportive of taking us deeper into more truthful connections with those around us.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars traditionally so there is an echo here of the courage and will to action that Mars inspires, and Pluto is the transformational ruler of Scorpio so there are lots of juicy connections here to bring in a depth and richness of experience over the next day or two.

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