3.9.21. Refining the path to the future

Photo by Marcel Pepin

A few days ago we had a square aspect from the Sun to the lunar nodes of fate – a time when a choice will take us down one path or another.  Today Venus in Pisces makes that same square to the lunar nodes.  Where the Sun/node aspect can affect our very being and direction, the Venus square to the nodes asks us to look at our values and our relationships.  Is a shift required in our attitudes towards money and wealth?  Is there a relationship that is not serving our higher good that needs re-alignment or some other kind of alteration?  Do our personal emotional patterns around our self-esteem negatively affect the way in which we interact with those around us?  These are questions being asked today.

Meanwhile the Moon, newly in Aquarius, is bumping up against both Saturn (stability) and Uranus (change) in the early evening EST/later evening GMT to encourage new ideas to bring in new energies.  However, Saturn tends to hold us back while Uranus tries to drag us forward, so this may not be super comfortable for those of us who crave security and sameness. This is the last of the Aquarian influences before we move into the flow of Pisces at the New Moon, so find stability while you can and embrace change where a positive effect can be gained. ❤️

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