Balancing our individuality with intimacy in relationships

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This theme is coming up quite a bit these days in client consultations and is an experience many of us share:  How do we integrate our personal needs into the need to compromise and give up some things in our relationships?  In fact, this theme is built into the astrological chart on the ascendant/descendant axis that marks the cusp of the first house of personal identity and the seventh house of partnership. It’s been a long time since I saw a seesaw in a park (too dangerous?) but the balance point of a seesaw is the aim of all of the opposing astrological forces.  Until we find that balance point we end up seesaw-ing from one end to the other.

Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene coined the term the “freedom/closeness” dilemma (source) to describe the conflict between the basic need to attach and feel safe with another human being and the need to differentiate the Self and become more comfortable as an autonomous individual.  This is a process that begins in infancy but it can become distorted and corrupted in certain family situations.  But really, those of us with this dynamic were born with a propensity towards this conflict, and this is evident in our birthcharts.

Certain signs and planetary placements crave closeness and security, and others indicate a push for greater autonomy and freedom.  The water and earth signs tend to crave attachment and safety; the air and fire signs yearn for freedom and space.  Neptune, Venus and the Moon are connectors – Mars, Uranus and Jupiter are detachers.

Often in this kind of chart we see an individual who may be completely unaware of their need for space, who longs for connection but who […]

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7.8.21 – The Venus lesson of attraction

art by Phil Sadler

Mars and Venus are very personal planets, and where we were in Mars territory last week, this week Venus is the star of the show.  Mars desires and has needs which are obtained through demands, but Venus is more subtle – the desires are obtained through the sheer power of attraction.  Under a Venus influence such as we have now, the magnetic resonance of Venus draws the things which we value and desire to us without much effort.  We sometimes think that only certain people possess this power but we all have Venus present in our charts, and we all possess the ability to attract positive things that are in harmony with our values.

First, though, we have to know something about those values, and they don’t always get along. We may want to have adventures, but also need security.  We may desire a long-term partner, but cherish our freedom.  Jupiter, the greater benefic as it’s called, bestows the confidence and ability to recognize possibilities, but Venus is the star which draws experiences to us.  Today, with Venus in Leo in a strong square aspect to Uranus, planet of change, we can more easily imagine what will bring us that personal joy (Leo) that we crave.  Uranus breaks up patterns and stuck energies, and we can either co-create a new reality or pick up the pieces afterwards! ❤️

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7.7.21 – Healing and realignment under Venus

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The influence of  Venus is easily minimized because her transits are so fleeting, but if we remember that the predecessor of the Roman Venus was Inanna/Ishtar, the goddess of war and creation, we can see that her power is easily missed.  Venus presides over our values and the types of experiences we attract and draw to us.  So often in my practice people come to me asking “What should I be doing” and miss entirely the idea aligning their values to their desires and proceeding from there.

Mars also experiences desire but it’s more of a “smash and grab” type of thing.  We’ve been dealing with Mars over the past week or so, and now Venus comes in as the clean-up crew.  Ok, now we know we need to let go of something (the Saturn square to Uranus is making sure of that) – what is it that we want to manifest in its place?  The light of Venus shows the way over the next couple of days.  Today Venus makes a perfect trine to Chiron to facilitate healing, to bring our deepest pain to light and infuse it with the brilliance of soul wisdom so that we can let it go into the dark night.  Tomorrow a square from Venus to Uranus brings excitement of something new, and we want to be ready. ❤️


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Astrological forecast including Mercury retrograde: February 25-March 3, 2019

astrology forecastPrefer video?  Link is below.  This week we prepare for the first retrograde turn of Mercury for the year.  (If this is a new or forgotten concept for you please visit this article which will give you all the information you need.)   Mercury is associated with the mind and communication, and retrograde periods are important times for reflection and re-assessment and are not typically well-suited for  beginning something new.  They can sometimes be ideal for surgery to remove or repair, but it’s generally a good idea to avoid signing contracts during Mercury retrograde periods.

We also sometimes find communication and equipment glitches during Mercury retrograde times.  Mistaken appointment times, errors in calendar items, incorrect billing – these are all normal when Mercury is retrograde.  There is a brief “shadow period” before and after the actual retrograde (March 5th through 28th) during which the movement of Mercury slows down before changing direction during which we sometimes see the retrograde effects as well.

Mercury turns retrograde at the last degree of Pisces, stimulating the imagination and our yearning for an experience of soul.  For much of its retrograde passage Mercury will travel in tandem with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces which will enhance and amplify the magical and dreamy qualities but also potentially the more negative Neptune/Pisces qualities of confusion and illusion.  Mercury will also be influenced by Venus during the last part of the retrograde, assisting our creativity to blossom and unfold with great potency.

The 27th brings some positive solar energy and activation, but on the 28th, the last day of the month, you will want to make an extra effort to take care of yourself as on that day it is possible to keep going […]

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The Astrology of David Letterman’s Extortion Announcement

As the world knows by now, David Letterman recently responded to a multimillion dollar extortion plot against him by announcing the scandalous details of his in-office sex life on his television show on Thursday night.

A former staffer had apparently collected information about Letterman’s affairs and revealed them to her boyfriend, a producer at CBS named Joe Halderman, who was arrested Thursday for the extortion plot.

David Letterman has made his reputation on being a quirky and eccentric talk show host, and his personal life has reflected his eccentricity.  Although he has been in a relationship with partner Regina Lasko for 23 years, they never married until March and he has worked diligently to keep his private life hidden from the public view.

Astrologically, David Letterman (4/12/47, 6:00 am, Indianapolis) has the Sun in Aries, the sign of courage and individuality and reflecting his independent spirit.  The 6 am birthtime is suspect to me because of its inexactness, but if it is correct he has Taurus rising.  The rising sign describes the way we approach our life and the way that we are perceived by others, and someone with Taurus rising requires a certain amount of predictability in his life.  He would want to have the same job for many years (check), consistency in his personal life (check – longtime relationship), he would have a desire to accumulate wealth and possessions (check) and he would be quite stubborn (check).

Like many of us, Letterman has a challenging planetary system in his chart which reflects a certain amount of psychological distress:  a conjunction of Saturn (challenge and restriction) to Pluto (death and transformation) which forms a […]

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